Kahoot for gen z if anyone is looking for something to do (open) Please play

The code is 353112 if anyone wants to play. Spent lots of time in the making. Go to Kahoot.it and enter 353112 in the PIN. Go and show what you know about Generation Zero!

What’s Kahoot? Never heard of it

Kahoot is a online website where people can make a list of questions and you have to answer them in a period of time. It is mainly used for teaching purposes but their are some other Kahoots that focus on other things.


Is the pin code right ? It doesn’t join for me , it says wrong game pin .

Kahoot doesn’t work like that there has to be a main screen to look at that asks the question. Then the 4 shapes to choose from appears on your screen. The game has to be started to the person with the main screen and everybody joins the game with the pin. Everybody who plays has to be with the main screen because the questions don’t appear on their devices (which is stupid) You can start the game if you create a Kahoot account and go to discover kahoots, and you type in generation zero their is 2 kahoots, but I might make a third. You click on the one of your choice and a game pin will pop up now people can join the game with the pin. The device you started it with is the main screen. Go to kahoot it to enter a game pin and go to just kahoot to create an account. If you want to play by yourself you have to have 2 devices. I think that is every thing you need to know. Hope you have fun.:grinning: