Källeby extreme slow issue

Källeby town in the South Coast region has an extreme fps drop from time to time in most of the town.

Steps to reproduce - go to Kalleby

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Last time I’ve been there, the day of the last update (coop with my mate for testing the update and hunting rivals), everything was fine on PS5.

Are there fnix bases nearby / in southcoast?

Yes you think its the bases?
I have lots of bases in farmlands and Forest regions and everything is fine
Its just Kalleby, everything else seems okay there.
Im visiting the entire South Coast region.
In 3 hours I will know, but im almost 100% certain its a localized issue with Kalleby .

Maybe. With one of the last updates 2 or 4 new control points in southcoast have been added.
Maybe there is an issue with one of them in combination with all the objects of kalleby.

Or maybe with the semla event the gnomes returned to kalleby :crazy_face: Did you see one or signs of them recently?

Another simple reason could be an enemy which is stuck somewhere in the ground or a structure. I only once had an extreme framedrop long time ago and in this special case there was a harvester the reason. After destruction every went fine again.

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No gnomes yet!
Il will keep investigating, if its simply a Real issue, i will delete this and ask you the same.
Il inform later :wink:

Maybe would be easy to test in a second world… As long as this world is progressed so far.

There’s been a rare case of an extreme slowdown approaching the general area for years. I occasionally play the April 2020 version on backup, and the area leading to the town from the east triggers a single-digit FPS drop some times but not every time. Might be related.

I just ran though all the street of Kålleby with a bunch of hunter on my trail, but I had no slowdown or frame-drops whatsoever. PC

@gzbugs @Gysbert @Madchaser
Didnt want to give no answer to You guys.
Honestly it only happens sometimes, i believe it has something to do with environmental object destruction, there are also a few objects and structures below the ground, so they might slow the game.
Its the only explanation i have :thinking: