Keep DLC weapons from spoiling drop rates of original weapons

Hey folks. :blush:

I have a few questions about the drop rate of DLC weapons and how they affect the overall loot pool.

First of all, the drop rates for DLC weapons are ridiculously high, almost to the point where it becomes annoying. It especially counts for Hunters. From every second or third Apocalypse class Hunter you destroy, you get either a 5 crown AT-WAD, an N9 pistol, or a Resistance Pitchfork! …oh, so many pitchforks.

I don’t know if everyone else has these insane drop rates, but I’m seriously not exaggerating.

One issue I have with this is that it kills the excitement of winning the loot lottery. It used to be that opening a loot container was done with little or no expectation, because the chance for getting 5 crown was really low, and rightly so.
The way it is now, 5 crown weapons are popping up left and right, at least if you own the weapon packs.

A more concerning issue, or thought, I have with the abundance of DLC weapons, is what their drop rate does to the drop rate of base game weapons.

I have noticed that since I installed the weapon packs (all of them), the drop rate of the original GZ weapons has been close to zero. If I’m to make a guess, I’d say that probably 29 out of 30 weapons I find are DLC weapons.

At this point I’m considering to uninstall the weapon packs, just to see if that can give me back the chance of getting some vanilla weapons again.

What I don’t know is: Does this high drop rate of DLC guns “override” the chances of vanilla guns dropping?

If so, can it please not be like this?


I confirm for PS5.
But on PS5 I’m not able to uninstall DLCs.

The drop rates should definitly be changed.

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Hey @NJR87 i got this one here;
No they do not affect base game drop rates, you can almost view it as DLC loot is parallel to the base game loot rather than on top of it.
A prime example is when you get multiple weapon drops off an enemy, you can see up to 3 weapons and maybe even more if you got really lucky - base game and DLC included.
That never happened pre DLC, as there was capped one weapon drop to a machine if you got lucky, but now you have the chances to see multiple weapon drops from an enemy, each with varying odds.

It’s like with your hunter example, previously no dlc included that hunter would have only given you a 3/4 crown LMG if you were lucky, but now they drop five crown gear that is from that parallel loot table. And heck you’d never see something like a handgun, smg or pitchfork from it without that DLC, all you’d see is ammo and medkits, and once in a blue moon a kvm you’d likely never use.

The thing is when you muddy the water of RNG you can get unlucky and find 5 of the same five crown weapon in a row quite easily, because they are rather simple loot tables. (A good thing imo)
So you can mostly blame RNGjesus for that kinda luck!


The drop rates of base game weapons does not get affected by dlc, They are in different loot pools, this can be seen when you can loot both a dlc weapon and a base game weapon at the same time from the same machine.


@tene and @Lucid thank you for the clarification! :blush: Guess it’s all down to shitty luck then. :sweat_smile:

That being said, they could tune down the pitchfork drop rate a bit. If I picked them all up I’d have enough forks to defend Helm’s Deep, for forks sake! :dizzy_face:‍:dizzy:


Happy to help! I remember when the N9 dropped so much from hunters it was pretty much the only thing you’d see outside a bit of plastic, but now the pitchfork seems to play that role for you here, RNGjesus is a homewrecker!! :grin:


So whats basically beeing said here is that people who bought the dlc’s gets three times the weapon loots than normal players, (one extra time per dlc since they are in parallell)
And with crafting they can break this loot down for materials, hence dlc buyers gets three times the materials.

Pay to win. This game just turns out to be better and better…

It’s still rng, no fixed value.
But yes, high class dlc weapons are there often. And yes, you may recycle them for ressources.
Man, you even get 3c versions of every DLC-item directly to the plundra and can recycle them for ressources.

It’s no competive game, so “pay2win” is the wrong describtion.

Btw… That’s how it works in every game. If you pay for a dlc you get more than those who didn’t. Bless god the prices are as low and it’s not a competive game.

One thing I already thought about:
If you drop a dlc-gun for someone who doesn’t own the dlc, he still sees the weapon in the backpack, but can’t take it, because he doesn’t own the dlc.
This could be changed to:
Everyone can find dlc stuff in loot-boxes, but just owners of the dlc can use the item/weapon.
Non-owners instead will see what there is, can grab and recycle it, but can’t use it.

This way everyone will benefit of the more loot somehow and non-owners get some taste of what they could get and use if they would buy the dlc = ingame-advertising for the dlc.

What do you think?

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So yes.

And who cares how it works in “every other game”? It is this game we are talking about.

It like when I talk to my friend about OV 2 and how the new game pass sucks. “But its industry standard, everyone does it”.

Yeah well it doesn’t get better because everyone is doing it. It still sucks.

So, yes, people with DLC get 3x more weaponloot. (on average)

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In game advertising should be banned imo. Advertisment direct to children and youth directly was banned in sweden last time i checked (that was a long time ago though), and even if it is allowed I think its poor morale.

I remember when I bought need for speed most wanted the remake, you found a new awesome car somewhere on the map somewhere just to find out it is locked behind a paywall.

So no to your idea. Just keep them invisible as drops for players who doesn’t have the dlc. Let the fact that their buddies are using them be advertisement enough.

I mean they could literally just replace the new weapon skins with some default weapon skin and sound to hide it even further. You know, not to rub it in the face to the poor soul who for some reason havent or cant get the dlc.

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Good arguments.
Although I liked my idea at first, I agree with you.

From what I’ve seen DLC weapons and attachment doesn’t overwrite the Originals as there is several of times I’ve found a Regular weapon or attachments drop of a Tank, Harvester or Hunter
with 1+ a DLC Weapon and/or Attachment

Here's Some Screenshots:

The DLC pack effectively adds an extra loot-dice
but only the DLC own Drop table, not anything else.

The only area i have seen the DLC Drops overwrite is the ammo loot of 9x39mm for Hunters
(same with LG-V7 But only for Tanks and ammo boxes)

However what can increase the overall Drop chance is by Having more players as each Player have their own dice(s) for each Machine or Rival/Reaper Destroyed and looted.
That is how i got Mjølner (Experimental Hammer) as my friend got it after 10+ Reaper scrapping and she didn’t want it.

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