Key In Car In Klinke

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Knowing there was a cool A1 76 weapon in Klinke, I made up my own mission and crept all the way from the South Coast Peninsular (which is how far I’ve got) across the Farmlands (nasty open places), into the mountains and after a couple of hours tactically creeping, made it all the way to Klinke without contact of any kind. Got into the Church without being seen and having started a fight and won it went looking for the weapon. In a car outside the block was a key. Does anyone know what the key is for?

I opened the door with my lockpick, and needed nothing else. Is the key for something else, or is it just in case someone hasn’t unlocked lock-picking?

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The key is for the basement door where you find the AI-76. And it’s Klinte, not Klinke :slight_smile:
Oh, and you got lucky. There’s a fairly large chance of big packs of Hunters spawning in Klinte, and sometimes a Tank right ouside the tenements where you find the weapon.

I just moved past that area myself a couple hours ago, and ran into a nice welcome party consisting of 5 FNIX Hunters and 4 Military Hunters.

Oh no, I saw all them! My way to the Church was blocked by five or six Hunters, so I crept round to the North and came back via the shoreline. Spotted a Dog but sniped it without incident. Got to the back of the Church and inside the door without being seen. Then I went up to the tower and started a row. By the time I had finished I counted 22 dead machines outside, but had not died once - I like to take them on my terms. Since everything except the Tank had been attracted by the gunfire, the town was clean, apart from the Tank, which I ignored and it ignored me. So I wasted a bent pin on the door! I checked the cars afterwards, not before. One of the flats had a battle up the stairs and smoke coming out of the door. I thought that must be what the key was for, but I couldn’t get it open.

Ah, that reminds me - every time a Seeker sees me, I get a screen “Ping”, and my rifle instantly points at my shoes. Since I had at least four seekers outside the Church, the screen “Pinged” every five seconds and my rifle pointed at my shoes every five seconds! That must be a bug, mustn’t it?

Bloody irritating when you’re up against it. I know they’ve seen me, I don’t need to be told, and my aim was taken out every time I was lined up on a target…

That does indeed sound like a bug, yep. I don’t think I’ve had that myself. Think you can record it happening and make a bug report out of it? Or hell, just make a bug report anyway.

When they ping me, my screen gets blurry and that’s about it.

Tricky - I’m on minimum spec, and have to do a clean boot every time i play, so I daren’t have anything else running (like a video recorder)…

Be careful, you may hurt yourself especially with an AI-76, it is a dangerous weapon ^^

Is it really more powerful than the Auto 4? There is an Auto 4 Exceptional in the Underground Naval Pens at a town some way to the South-West of Klinte - I’m thinking of going for that next time… :))

If I have the two, I can compare them, but I’m not quite convinced so far…

Look at the forum, I think some experienced players must have already compared the weapons.

The AG4 feels more like a Designated Marksman Rifle than an assault rifle, and it’s got a slower firing rate and smaller magazine. The AI-76 fires faster, has a bigger mag (up to 45 rounds) and somehow has more manageable recoil. They’re both good guns, tho.

I like the x4 sights on it, so I don’t need to block up a slot with binos. The AI doesn’t half munch through ammo, but doesn’t seem to kill them any faster than the Auto4. Offically, the punch is 11 for the Auto and 10 for the AI, is that right?

Is the difference between, say, 4 and 5 Crowns accuracy or punch or both?

I think 5-crown weapons are superior in just about every way, stat wise. Can’t say how much. The AI-76 does chew up 7,62 ammo a lot quicker, though. I tend to use it with the Salvage perk so I can restock quickly after a big firefight. It also can’t use a scope, only the red-dot sight.

Also, the AI-76 has a burst fire mode, while the AG 4 does not. It may sound stupid, but it’s really nice to have if you learn to use it effectively.

I can do a three-four round burst with the Auto4, which is completely controllable, whereas the burst mode on the AI goes on too long for me. I want four rounds into the centre of mass and re-aim fast enough that a Hunter can’t react - they dislike being under accurate fire and tend to wait for it to stop.

I should think you need that perk! I’m down to about 40 rounds of one 7.62 (fmj), and three rounds of the other (AP). I have no idea why I am offered every type of ammunition in huge quantities, except the one I use all the time. Absurd, especially as it was the standard military round of the Swedish armed forces at the time. They would have had almost nothing else!

Every time i go after first finding the town the town is empty. Some dogbots outside to the south but very boring

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