Key to switch active specialization


Yeah, if they want to keep the game “unified” between platforms, and possibly somewhere down the line allow cross platform play, for sure they need to keep things simple. A shame for PC users, but I’m used to it by now playing games being limited to the limits of consoles. :disappointed_relieved:


IMHO, and I’m not kidding, consoles should be banned by law.
Not only are the console users a victim to the system (unable to upgrade, or even FIX it in case of failure), but these systems deprive us PC gamers from console-specific games. :’(


Non-mouse-inverters are no true gamers. :grin:

I have to agree. The term “specialization” kind of contradicts the idea of a quick switch.

Consoles drive game development nowadays. The sad thing about this is that if they wouldn’t exist, PC gaming would do this.

However, if consoles wouldn’t exist, someone would invent them. “Say we have a cheap gaming PC, already because of the numbers we can produce. And games can be easily developed for them because they don’t have to adopt to a plethora of different hardware. Wouldn’t that be great?” Someone would do it, I’m sure.


Well, first they must be able to do this on console…
Which requires a key (combination)…


While I agree in that sense, I’ll use it while it lasts, even if thats means going through the menu (which I’m quite fast at doing now, but it’s a hazzle) :joy:

It’s in the game to be used by whoever wants to use it, and that I shall! :wink:

And if the devs will keep current system in place, I stand by my original post 100% - the request remains!


Sir, with all due respect…
First of all: it has to be POSSIBLE for consoles as well…
If they can figure out this one, then hell yes, I agree.
Though I won’t ever use it myself. :slight_smile:


It could be made possible on consoles if they would allow one key to do more than one thing. On the xbox example above, perhaps press and hold B for x amount of time? Or the X button when there’s nothing to interact with? So possible yes. A good solution for this? Probably not.


I’m an Xbox guy and this has never been an issue for me. I can switch my specializations from the skill tree menu in the middle of combat and have plenty of time with taking no damage. I don’t really think the console kids care tbh


I suggested key combos for consoles as idea:

Is considered impractical, seems.


With my second dual specialization character (Hacker/Engineer) I’d like to yet again push for this.

  • A key that allows you to switch between actives
  • Display active spec. on the HUD (and in the case of Hacker, display cooldown as well)

Thank you devs for considering this! :slight_smile:


I would be all for this… if it was not such an issue (at least, that is what I understood from all this and other posts) for console users…

Read up to see what we said about this, good sir. :slight_smile: