Key to switch active specialization

Request: Easy way to switch active specialization!

Since we’re able to get more than one of the actives, it would be nice if there was a key bound to this function so that you wouldn’t have to go into the menu to do it. Also, it would be a neat detail to show current active spec. on the hud somewhere.


Since there aren’t that many skill points to go around and it takes minimum of 6 skill points to unlock a specialization, most people only have one specialization. To majority of player base, that feature wouldn’t be useful.

Also, what benefit the specialization quick change would give to you?

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I’m not sure I agree. I think it could be very useful to be able to switch specs on the fly, especially in multiplayer where you can switch to a support role vs playing solo. Perhaps it could have some kind of cooldown to make it balanced. All the OP is asking for is being able to have a key command for it.

Please don’t assume to speak for the majority of the playerbase just because you happen to personally disagree with the idea.


I didn’t spoke FOR the player base, i spoke ABOUT the player base. There is a difference.

It is common sense that most players usually specialize to certain build with one specialization (e.g: sniper with Marksman, gunner with Vanguard, MP support with Medic etc). Also, Graham himself has told on several instances during dev streams that devs implement features that benefit the majority of the player base, not the minority of player base. Latter is true with most games actually.

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As long as a benefit for the minority does not mean a drawback for the perceived majority I don’t see the issue.


With any new feature addition, there is development time. And the cost of devs hourly wage. Devs have to make a decision if to spend e.g 40 man hours to develop and implement a feature which benefits 75% of player base or which benefits 25% of player base. On time, cost and effectiveness standpoint, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

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That’s why this is in Feedback/Feature Requests. People can request any features they want here. Don’t be so quick to shoot people’s suggestions down.


Not shooting it down, just giving honest reality check of chances of that happening. “Hope dies last”, as they say. :wink:

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I like the idea of your current skill being displayed.

If I could quick swap, would that mean I could use one skill and quickly press the swap key to change over to survivor right before I die so I would get a free revive?

Well, perhaps the majority of the playerbase doesn’t use invert mouse look like I do, so if it isn’t useful to the majority, why bother implementing it?


I constantly switch between Vanguard and Marksman, so it would be a nice qol thing if I could do so without going in to the menu.


Amen to that!

Don’t know, but I do know that currently you can switch spec on the fly as you see fit, even in combat.


I guess quick swap is a great way to cheese two active specialisations at once.


Although I can see the use for such key, I never had use for this.
Marksman has always been my thing, especially in GZ.
Mainly due to the other trees being heavily underwhelming compared to MM.
Doctors are disappointing, hachers are disappointing, from what I read on the forum, basically Combat Trees are the ONLY way to go well.

Nevertheless: as I said in the first sentence?
I can surely see use for it.
One question though: how will this work for console folks?
Are there enough buttons free for such?

I’m a “BAN CONSOLES” type of fella (I feel like that, I do not act like it, as you will notice if you read on), still, they have the same rights and respect as anyone else, and I am a bit worried, they might have an issue here seeing how few buttons they have…
If PC gets such a button 9easily done, tons of keys free), then console should get the same benefit, for sure!
But… CAN it, key wise…?

(Actually asking info here, nothing else.)

Here’s Xbox controller mapping and i don’t see a free button for that feature:

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Exactly my thought. :+1:

Only benefit for quick specialization switch would be for run and gun players, so they can switch from Vanguard to Marksman, quick-scope the machines without any penalty for ADS aim and then back to Vanguard for added protection.


Thank you, miss…
But this confirmed my fear.
On PC you can use key combinations, can this be done on cosoles as well?
Example: L1-X?
Or Square-O?

Possible? Yes. Practical? Not so much.

It’s easy to miss the timing of pressing two buttons down at the same time, which can lead to an undesired effect (e.g game registers the input of 1st or 2nd button, but not both at the same time). Hence why most console game bindings are limited to the buttons available, while avoiding binds that require to press down two buttons at once.

Also, console controllers are designed in a such way where only 6 fingers are used for input, while on PC, you can use all 10 of your fingers for input + hand movement on mouse for looking around.

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And if they would do it like R/L with a “normal” key?
Or, could they use the sticks somehow?

I don’t know if console controllers can be rebinded in GZ. If they can, it would give some possibilities. If not, it’s going to be hard for console players.

Just look the image above and try to figure out which of the two buttons should be pressed at once to activate that cheesy feature.

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I’d guess for this (and other things) to work on the console versions of the game, they would have to dedicate one of the keys to work sort of like a shift key on the keyboard. That would open up a whole other set of available functions. But that should have been done from the beginning.


Well, they won’t ever give it to PC users, if Consoles can’t have it, I fear.
And… rightfully so… no?

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