Is it possible to skill 2 specializations of a category


Is it possible to get 2 specializations of a category (for example combat or tech) active at the same time?
For example Marksman and Vanguard. I know that you can´t get 2 specializations from different categorys.


no it’s not possible


Okay, because in this thread there are 2 specializations active:


oh ok. so far i know it should not possible


Someone got a practical experience?


You can unlock more than 1 but only one can be active at a time


Thank you, Kakarot.


And how can you activate? Have I set it to active in the skills every time?


You go into the skill tree and mark the skill you want to be active, and press T on PC (don’t know the key on consoles).

I made a thread with the request for a hotkey to be able to switch actives more easily, which imho would be a QOL thing for those that want to run with more than one specialization. Here it is: