Keybinds dont work for specific tasks (bike + run)

Platform: PC -Steam

Description: keybindings on keyboard seems to have some locked futures and some that cant be moved.
1- I have “space” as right when walking and that have been working but when the bike used the same bindings the “space” do both right and brake at the same time.
2- The “run” binding don´t work using the keys above “h” and “j” as I use h,j,m,space, to move I want to have run close to thous.

Steps To Reproduce: bind j-walk, m-back, h-left, space-right. u-use, y-sprint.

Images / Videos: Video fwith bike and run issues

Host or Client: Players seems to join, so maybe host? - I really dont find thous settings…

Specifications: intel-i5-4440 3,1GHz. 8Gb. 64-bit Win10. Nvidia Geforce GTX 1660 Ti.

Why do you use such bindings?
What’s wrong with “wasd”?

I could ask the same for WSAD :wink:

I’ve been using arrow keys for more than 25 years :older_man:

:sweat_smile: :+1:
“Left or right handed”, that could be the question.

I always used the mouse with my right hand. For the left hand it’s best to have a position where you can reach as many keys as possible.
With wasd you can reach one shift-key, one alt-key, the space-key, the first number- and function-keys, tab-key and many more…

For me it just seemed logical to be best place to have my left hand at.

Why I use these keys isn´t relevant.

  • I breake with the bike if I turn right.
  • I cant run
    And its because of bugs that can be fixed :slight_smile: