Keyboard response to slow

I use a gaming keyboard (Logitech G413) to play video games on my gaming computer I also use a gaming mouse (G 502 Hero). The mouse I can change the DPI up and down to micro adjust the speed I move my character’s direction. But my keyboard has no such adjustments. Some of the movement controls done on the keyboard, like jumping or reloading a weapon, I have to hit the key 2 or 3 times to get a response. Missing a jump over a small log result, in a stuck player. You then have to back up and hit the space bar a few times and hope your character jumps. This also sucks when in close combat and you sprint away to reload your weapon as you sprint. The timing of the reload animation is the same as the sprint time. But if the first few times you hit the reload key you get no response you slow down to jogging speeds.

Since reload is iffy you decide to hit a key for another weapon but that may or may not get a response either. My gaming keyboard is not the only keyboard this happens on, but due to this happens from day one I have used 2 or 3 other keyboards from hard wired to wireless and they all have the same results and only when playing GZ. But I read nowhere, anyone else having this issue.

NOTE: I have even gone so far as to remove all keys and brush/blow all dust from the keyboard, and this has been happening from day one of installing the keyboard and only on GZ.

EDIT: reason I did not put this in bug report is, it maybe just me having the issue.

There is a delay after almost every action. It was introduced over a year ago, not sure what for.

So this is considered normal?

There are many times I feel the game is very unresponsive to keypresses as posted by the OP, and is for sure something they could and should improve upon a lot. A QOL thing imho.

I only really notice it on Map-mode when I set a waypoint or when assigning tracking. I seems that there I always need to click twice.

Just run on flat ground and hit the spacebar once every so often. You sometimes jump and other times not. Sometimes it stops you from sprinting and you slow to jogging. That tells me the game sees the key being pressed but doesn’t do what the key press should make it do.

Which a simple function like jumping at the right time is key to enjoying the game. Then add that you can’t always reload, which a weapon like the Russian sniper rifle that requires the reload key to be pressed, when the mag is empty, when looking through a scope, it is annoying. Add to the fact that you never know if the keys will respond or not. Can’t jump over a rock and duck for cover because you are stuck in front of the rock and the machines are making you a pincushion.