Klaucke 17 full auto upgrade kit

As harder enemies are added, I feel it’s time we get a full auto sidearm as well. A machine pistol based on a gun already in the game would be the simplest way to go about doing this, innit?

The real-life inspiration for the Klaucke 17 has a fully automatic version of it just one number up, so I’m thinking it would be neat if you could find conversion kits (attached like a compensator add-on or something) that effectively turns it into a Klaucke 18. Visually, the only difference is that the slide has a select-fire knob as well as two openings on the top to prevent overheating and gas buildup.

IMO it would add a lot in terms of gameplay as the Klaucke 17 is actually quite powerful when loaded with armour piercing rounds. You’d have to balance the tiny 120-round ammo stacks, though. In full auto it can fire 1100 rounds per minute, or a full 18-round magazine in less than a second! Imagine an SMG with the recoil climb of an AG4, lol. That’d be fun.

Edit: Regarding how feasible it would be to find in GZ’s setting, the Glock 18 was released in 1986 and despite Sweden’s overzealous gun laws, there were at least three of them registered to private citizens as of a few years ago. They were very likely in limited use by the military for evaluation purposes.


What do you mean, overzealous?

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A 3-round burst fire on the Klaucke would be nice. One would have to make it fairly accurate as well, to balance it enough to be usable. We need a proper Tick-killer, that could be it.

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Fully-automatic sidearm, using same 9mm ammo as Glock 17 in-game, with relatively the same size and also fitting the time period would be: UZI. Latter has 20x to 50x rounds mag.

I’d rather see Glock 17 remain as it is and having new weapon in game to fit this niche requirement.