Knock back/ stun enemies?

A major issue to me is that there’s very little players can do about enemies coming against them.
It’s a niusance to see a tick, shoot it with your pistol and instead of being pushed back, they immediately lunge against you.

Espescially when playing alone, it’s MUCH to common for enemies to swarm you, and then there’s nothing players can do about it. A simple stun system could do the trick. Instead of forcing players shoot the same enemy until it’s dead, players could alternate between enemies to keep them at bay. Prehaps different weapons and ammo types could have different stun durations?

could use an EMP if you have one. I just throw a flare and run away when i’m getting swarmed.

Due to the cramped inventory, I only ever carry guns, ammo, health, bobby pins and the occasional extra that stacks.
Maybe gameplay will improve once storage boxes are introduced. But even then, I think that enemies should be knocked back for at least a tenth of a second if you hit them, instead of immediately running away.