KVM 59 and 89 ext magazines

Since I started playing this game I’ve seen exactly ONE KVM extended magazine between me and my buddies. And that one was a purple. And I’ve only seen a couple of other mods like silencers and compensators for them, a couple of purple and the rest blue. Since they brought in the US and Russian weapon pack it’s been dropping me gold N60 extended magazines like it’s a Pez dispencer.
I’m thinking there needs to be some tweaking to the loot tables. I’m beginning to regret getting the add on weapon packs and tempted to uninstall them (if that’s possible) just to give the KVM parts a chance to drop. I’ve gotten gold parts for every other weapon in the game. The add on weapons and parts seem to have a much higher chance to drop. Once I get one of an item it’s like I hit the jackpot on a slot machine and they just start arcing out mobs like a fountain. I use a coal shovel to shovel them into the scrapper.

What do I have to do to get the KVM mods? I have everything else I need.

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It’s just luck or bad luck… Of course you have to destroy the right machines for getting them.
Take a look in the wiki, maybe there is hint of which machines can drop them. I expect the apoc hunters to drop them.

Idk any more where I got them from.

But you’re right. After buying the first weapon pack I almost had a 5c N9 in every second apoc hunter… Or an AT-WAD, Kotenok, N60,…

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Are you roaming Himfjall? Best place for high tier LMG’s and accessories.


I have been farming Himfjäll since the US weapon pack 2 dropped and so far I have only been gifted the SMG (COM-10?). But “countless” of old 5*, US pack 1 and Russian weapons and attachments…

Guess it’s all ways more noticeable what you don’t get? I struggling with a 5* AG5 mag, to the point I was convinced it was just a myth…

Are you on PC? I have 2 5* KVM89 Mags

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I am on PC but don’t need the 89 mag. I gave the 89 away when I got the exp 59.