KVM 59 does not increase 7.62 loot probability

We all know that you tend to find the ammo for the guns you are carrying. One thing I noticed before I stopped playing GZ is that carrying the KVM59 as the only 7.62 weapon does not yield this probability buff. I needed to carry an AG4, e.g., in order to find sufficient 7.62 amounts in bunkers and the like.

Can anyone confirm this finding?

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I can confirm that this is indeed an issue, I encountered this myself a while ago and reported it directly to the devs, so they’re aware of it :slight_smile:

For a temporary solution, it works to carry an AG4 or similar in your primary slot.

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Cool, thank you. I did not file a bug report as I wasn’t sure whether it might perhaps be intended behavior for this potentially superior weapon, whether the devs were on the verge of abandoning this loot buff altogether, whether it made a difference being on Himfjäll vs. the main islands… (I was on the main island looting command bunkers and Norrmyra)

Good to hear that it will be fixed.

Another solution is to loot the best locations for 7.62.
Vesslan, Saltholmen naval base, Skarven, and Minken all only drop 7.62, Torsberga as well though the dead soldiers will drop both 5.56 and 7.62.
People tend to think that you only get ammo for what you’re carrying but actually there are set drops to locations specific loot tables.

Can confirm. I recently started doing the same, carrying my AK, just to ensure loot drops. Going to map regions that drop 7.62 assists, but you still don’t get any of the ‘that tank just dropped 800 7.62’ without carrying another 7.62 weapon. I’d imagine that the KVM 89 has the same problem, but I haven’t checked.