KVM 59 / Hivarmet - DLC Needed?

Ok I haven’t purchased or installed the Alpine Unrest DLC yet (I’m on Ps4).

Will the KVM 59 exist in my game?

I read it is in a police station in Himarvet (1 star version) but that you need a DLC mission (Arms Race) active for it to spawn there.

I want to go there and search for it but will it even there without the DLc?

Thanks in advance.

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All KVMs and their mods drop from apocalypse machines.
1* and 2* - apo runner
3* and 4* - apo hunter
5* - apo tank
6* - rival apo tank

Without DLC, you can’t even get to the Himfjäll island, let alone searching it.

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@Aesyle ah so Himarvet is on the DLC island, ok.

So the only Base game way to get the KVM 59 is by killing those machines. Hmm. I’m not sure I’ve ever had a machine drop a weapon for me. Is that a level 25 plus thing?

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Only Experimental weapons from Rivals are. Normal weapon drops don’t have any level limit.

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Thank you kindly, as always.


With questions answered, i’ll close this topic.


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