KVM 59, magazines & vision modules


I am unable to attach an extended magazine to the KVM 59 and I also can’t attach a vision module to a scope on the gun. When I click on the attachment slot even though I have the attachments in my inventory no option to select them comes up.

Has anyone else encountered or reported this?


Make sure youre trying to attatch a 59-mag, not 89. it looks like a bag rather than a box.
You are unable to attatch a vision module to a red dot sight, this is true for all weapons, and the kvm doesnt accept anything but red dot…


Aha, thanks. Looks like it was my error then.


As far as I know the Vision Module is incompatible (wiki). I have an extended magazine equipped.
I haven’t found a Machine Gun Silencer nor a Machine Gun Compensator.

see pic


I have just found a 3-crown KVM 59 silencer in an ordinary military crate. It was in a police car in the car park at Himarvet police station.


With ample answer given to the question, i conclude this topic as solved and thus, lock it.


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