KVM-89 Experimental LMG: What is the experimental modification?

The regular KVM-89 performs much better. Just what is the experimental modification supposed to do, anyway? I find it odd that the game offers no explanations or details about experimental modifications. Other games say things like, “The mod does this, but the cost is…” There’s usually a downside to offset experimental mods; you just have to figure out if the trade-off is worth it. In this case, whatever the mod is, it makes for a very, very terrible squad assault weapon.

Watch the reticle as it’s heating up. It gains accuracy and DMG the hotter it gets. Downside is it can overheat and leave you holding a gun that doesn’t work till cooldown cycle is complete. I personally use 2 so if I over do it I can switch to the other one but others may not wish to use 2 of the same guns and give up a weapon space.
You are correct in a gaming perspective it’s a bad SAW. In reality military personnel are taught to use small bursts not constant firing like many games permit. Reason being a glowing red barrel can warp or crack and explode which is highly bad and detrimental to the poor soul using it.

Finally! Someone else who knows weps IRL! While it’s true that many games have SAWs, it’s generally not reflective of the way such arms perform in the real world. Large-caliber rapid-fire weapons can’t withstand sustained fire unless they were engineered with a cooling system.

Anyway, thanks! I hadn’t thought that this was the reason the gun behaved this way in the game, seeing as how so many other weapons behave unrealistically. Switching back and forth between two sounds like a good idea if one is in love with punishing ROF.