Lack of ammo and adrenaline shots

anyone having trouble getting ammo or adrenaline shots in the game caused I noticed in both single player and multiplayer it’s either nonexistent or or hardly any at all

I have found plenty of ammo but adrenaline is running out soon.

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I do have an ammo problem especially the 7.62

Adrenalin shots are in general pretty rare, people complained about how common they were, so the devs way over-nerfed the drop rates.

As far as ammo, it kind of depends. Rounds for the hunting rifles and rocket launcher tend to be pretty rare. Pistol rounds should be pretty common (especially past the archipelago). Do note though that the game seems to preferentially hand you ammo of types that you don’t already have a lot of in many cases (for example, tank drop tables are weighted this way).

Adrenaline Shots used to be too common, then they were nerfed, but people weren’t satisfied so they were buffed again and included in the new loot system. You’re far more likely to find Adrenaline Shots and rarer types of ammo in military bases, Command Bunkers, medical facilities, outpost etc than in civilian areas.

Ammo drops in larger quantities from enemies, especially Tanks and Harvesters. The kind of weapons you’re using does actually influence what kind of ammo you’ll be finding in the world as well.

Adrenaline shots can’t be too common, you don’t have to pick them up.i found 1 today, and got one-shotted twice.
I hardly used my char with the AK5 and the 5.56 ammo since the loot timer were added, as you can’t make a decent resupply run, and have to play it sneaky with the one you co-op with, and it’s not always the most fun way, depending on who you play with.

The 7.62 ammo usually stays over 1k. even if I step into the missions/battles with ~2.2k of it. It’s also quite hard to restock now it seems.

Sure maybe some want a more scarce drops of adrenaline and ammo. The easiest way for that is to not do bunker runs, and not picking up all adrenaline.

The only reason I pick it up is since I dedicate one slot of the inventory for that. If the max in stack would be 10, i would only carry 10. If the max stack would be 5 I would ask for a motivation why 10 adrenaline shots takes as much space an an RPG. :wink:

When I first started playing when the game officially released, adrenalin shots were common enough that I was already working on building my second stack just by coursing Björknaskogen and the peninsula south-east of Yttervik, and had at that point only encountered a dozen or so prototype runners and not died once. The issue right now isn’t as much that adrenalin is rare as it is that most stuff hurts more and tends to run in larger groups, so it’s harder to avoid dying in the first place. The correct response to this is, however, to just preferentially fight near safe-houses. Most of the time I find a church, I actively lure everything in the area to it and take potshots from the bell tower (which, now that I have the Pansarvarnsgevär 90 should be much safer than it was). If you’re already at a safe house, you can just ‘escape’ and respawn there directly.

As far as ammo, I’ve not personally seen any issues with 7.62 FMJ or buckshot, and have not had significant issues with 9mm FMJ for handguns or .270 soft-point for the Älgestudsare.

adrenaline is extremely rare, i was originally thinking it was because of the empty toolboxes but i don’t recall finding adrenaline in the toolboxes that do spawn loot. Bunkers seem to be the best places to find adrenaline.

I’ve found it in toolboxes in the archipelago a couple of times, mostly in military bases, but I don’t think it’s common enough there that the toolbox bug is affecting the drop rates meaningfully. As far as actually finding it, the best luck I have found isn’t the bunkers, it’s dead soldiers. Any time I find a group of 4 or more dead soldiers, I almost always find at lest one adrenalin sot.

I got one from FNIX tank so there you go easy farming.