Lag on game - camera on slow motion

Hi, i’m Garotomau and i’m having a lot of problem with lag. When i turn around the camera, it is going very very slow. and i’m beeing desconect too.

Do u guys have any idea what can i do for fix this? i’m playing like in slow motion…

cant do anything on game…

I’m having the same issue, it’s hard to play like that

I had big problems earlier but nvidia released new drivers yesterday which I applied and now it works fine

Sound like quite a large issue. If it happens again or persists please fill out a bug report using the correct format so it can get patched ASAP. Thank you for making a bug report to help out the development team!

Hi, i’m sending some information about my setup.

The Issue persist. The image is freezing and the game are going on slow motion.


Steps To Reproduce:


just me. THe bug is on all the time:

**Computer setup. Windows 7 professinal 64bits - core i5. 2,80ghz - RAM memory 9gb: - Geforce GTX 1060 6gb. **

My Geforce version is
driver version 419.67

PLease can someone help me? i cant play the game.



happens on xbox too…unplayable! if the game didn’t have enough issues already

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