Lag spikes(dead /living)

When having too many dead or alive robots around you i experience extreme fame drops and lag,this also occurs in housing with lighting and just turning around can make lag as lighting from out side is mixed in with lighting of inner structures causing lag.(anyone else)(xbox1)

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Its bad on PS4 aswell. Ive had firefights with frame rates into the single digits. Its like playing in slow motion.



Thats unbelievable :confused: i have the slow mo thing too…

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Yea it’s very annoying :unamused: there’s so many reports of this too that I don’t get why these types of things weren’t top priority for the next update. I dunno, maybe these bugs that I see so many people mentioning along with myself, are being worked on but take longer than adding a camera mode, and removing head bobbing and the few other additions. Hopefully they will fix it next update after this.

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