Lagging is unreal

When are you going to sort out your serves?
Online game play is rubbish… never had lagging like it

There are no servers. You connect directly to host (or clients to you).

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Are you joining random games or steam buddies? What’s your / their connection like? Maybe that needs a look.

I cant play the game for nomore 10mins with out if freezing slow game play no sound. Generally doing my nut in :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. Its online invite only.

I am the host lol. Online invite only been doing it all day hard frozen twice on me.

Ah, the slowdown. I get that too, usually if there’s a lot of robots in a built up area, in co-op. This isn’t an internet thing, it’s a processing one. I wish I had some advice.

Interesting question. Which CPU have you got and what frequency is it running?