Large lake not on map

The safe house at Lovnas (1547, -3116) there is a lake just to the south. Going east from there along the shore line the lake ends at Dammtorp which is 705 yds ENE of Lovnas. Half that lake doesn’t show on the map and you can see snow in the water and also trees. Just east of Lovnas there is a dock going out into the water. Standing on the end of the dock and then looking at the map you are now even near the water.

I see a number of players have read this post. Has any one else seen this lake?

Yes, @Falconwillow, you are right. The eastern half of the lake is not on the map, I just checked. You should file this bug. Can you move it from “off topic” to “bug report”?

I’ll move it to Bug Reports :slight_smile:

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I think this game is sinking. The safe house Rusksele (-996,-3364) on the north side is a windmill on either side of the windmill are two small lakes which are not on the map. I noticed this because I killed a harvester next to the windmill and it ended up in the one lake and I can’t get to it because the water is to deep.