Larger music selection?

I just realized there is a Feedback/Feature request forum, so I apologize for the double post in the general forum.

The music in the game is a bit limited, and that is no secret. Has a larger sound track been considered?

One of the best examples I can give is from a music group called Lost Years who also happens to be from Sweden. They make very 80s synthesizer like music. Music like this would sound amazing in the game. Like a different song with different areas/locations. A few rotating battle songs so each battle doesn’t sound the same. Maybe even more sinister sounding music as the level of difficulty increases with the robots, etc.

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I listen to spotify while gaming, it’s absolutely hilarious listening to anime rock whilst fighting 10 apoc hunters and an apoc tank. most of the time though I listen to candlemass or some other Doom Metal group.

Nowadays, many games doesn’t include their own background music since devs have taken notice that when players don’t like the in-game music, they disable it and listen their own preferred music. Due to that, there isn’t much point to spend time, effort and money to make sophisticated background music.

Also, many games have built-in “user music”, where player can put *.mp3 files into dedicated folder within game files and listen their own music while playing. Or even listen live radio streams. Some games that have done this, are: American Truck Simulator, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Farming Simulator 17, Farming Simulator 19.

Though, when games do have interactive background music, like in Subnautica, Subnautica: Below Zero, State of Decay 2, Generation Zero; then it’s enjoyable to listen in-game music because it adds to the gameplay. Then again, making interactive music is the hardest and most time consuming. And it isn’t easy to slap more tracks to the game since devs have to code entire sound set again, to include new music.