Last update bugs

This last update we had week or 2 ago made my game messed up. When i try and loot downed machines or loot ammo boxes it shows 1 thing but when i scroll down it changes to different items …
Also my companion has disappeared to know where to be found ?
Ive looked on map and went to station and its never in my inventory just gone!!!
Ive tried to see if i can update again but no avail…


The first is a known issue which should be fixed with the next update.

Regarding your companion:
Did you have it in your inventory or in action when you lost him?

  1. Did you use any filters for your inventory? Try to change them to default.

  2. If you lost him in action… Do you use map filters? Change them to default, then you should see where you left it. Otherwise, go to a companion station and change its configuration, add a new armor… It should then respawn at the companion station.

Bug in Inventory since Last Update.

Everytime i Open my Inventory and Go to folder with weapon add-on the Game freezes.
It appears in Inventory or Recycling Station.

Plattform PS4.
Offline Game.

My wife plays on the Same ps4, without this Bug.

Could be an issue with a specific Item, a shotgun choke for example.
Sometimes it could help to change the language (console) to english, if you’re currently not playing on english.

If you own an unused shotgun, you could also try to select the shotgun, add the attachment to it and then drop it.