Less robots? (August update)


I started a new character after the august update and runners are no longer patrolling Iboholmen church or Björknäs Homestead.

Feels weird not sneaking into those places anymore.


I felt the same way. I miss my pack of dogs that greeted me with 9mm, shotguns, and rocket launchers. It was rather a let down. 8(
But all was better after the 4 hunters showed up and gave me what for. Man their explodies are hard to avoid now.


I’ve noticed that as well. Though in other areas like Östervik I’ve noticed that they’ve replaced that Prototype Tank that’s part of a mission in a residental area with a FNIX one which was nice. I recall one encountering Prototype Machines related to missions a lot actually, wonder if that’s changed too.


It actually seems to vary what tank will spawn, i’ve seen all three versions in that spot so far.


Just literally ran into *12 runners. I wonder if it’s because my 3rd run toon is lvl 26


Today i stumbled across a logging site, and ended up beseiged by twelve hunters, and a ridicioulus number of runners, all of them FNIX. Explosions everywere and bullets beyond count. Took me forever to win the day. Can’t agree on the less machines theory today.:sweat_smile:


Not sure about the early land mass but in the northern regions it feels like more. We ran into a group of 3 tanks, a bunch of hunters and many runners…while debating the ramifications of assaulting them at a theoretically safe distance and having not watched the pre patch stream we learnt two things in the following order.
They can detect you from further away
Tanks can now run

It was the most tactical retreating at high speeds I’ve done in coop mode to date.


That infamous logging site… Is it in the Woodlands? I avoid that area like the plague, unless I’m packing a LOT of firepower. There’s virtually no cover there, just deforested areas, and a single airplane bunker with no rooms in it. Encounter a pack of Hunters there, and you’re in for a long fight.


Yesterday I fought inside a Church up north for an hour maybe more. In the end I had killed 3 FNIX Tanks, 7 Military Hunters, 6 Military runners, and 3 drones. I do not think the number has lessened at all from what I can see. Its fun stuff now.


Noticed that the hard way. There’s a safehouse and a mission to activate in the middle of it. Unlocked the safehouse, but when the robots were no more i had no nerves left so i retired for the night.:sweat_smile: Gonna look after the mission today if they let me. Then make like a tree and leave. :grin:


They can what?! :scream:


Ohh yes, they can. When you least expect it they’ll charge at you like a freight train at full speed. Especially when they get cornered. Either run to the side, or get flattened :scream:


Most of the time they address the charge attack with a massive battle call, but today I was charged by a military tank when inside a safe house barn NC fighting a large amount of hunters and runners, suddenly without any pre alert, it run straight into the barn, and electrical boxes exploding all around the farm, did it a few more times before I finally took it down. Epic stuff :blush:


I am only at Lvl9 and have just finished the S Archipelago area. I had completed Ibohomen and Sodra Saltholmen before the August update and Norra Saltholmen after so it wasn’t evident at first due to new machines being encountered on Norra, but going back to Ilbohomen and wandering about that island I think the number of random encounters has been reduced. I have however met machines in bigger groups. I fought a battle at Iboholmen Castle before the update when I was down at about Lvl5 and met about 12 runners. My second visit there turned up 18 runners and a hunter but that was on the mission.

Are # of enemies increased as your level goes up?

Are # of enemies increased according to # of players?


I was trying to do “The Home Team” mission and despite being level 4 with next to no ammo the game still found it fine to send 15 runners after me.

At this point its just not fun. The terrible aim assit on PS4 that you can’t turn off makes aiming nearly impossible.

Any time there are more than 3 enemies on screen the fps tanks.

The stealth seems pointless. I can be crouched behind a building and take a single step and suddenly a runner on the other side of town, turned in the opposite direction will know exactly where I am.


After the august update the 4-5 runners that used to patrol Iboholmen church are gone. So is the 3-4 runners guarding Björknäs homestead.

My guess is that Avalanche removed them so it would be easier for new players to obtain the shotgun and the rifle.

Iboholmen castle is a deathtrap, even more so after the may update.

Something else I discovered after the august upate is that 5 adrenaline shots has been added to Yttervik.


Yeah, I can agree on Iboholment Castle. Don’t go there without flares, medical supplies and possibly a Field Radio. I guess if you do go alone, my advice is to throw a flare, then bum rush to the central tower. The Runners can’t get up the stairs and you can pick them off with a hunting rifle.


I actually enjoy the Iboholmen Castle battles; there are so many approaches to it and so many places to hide or to shoot down from above. The 18 runners +1 hunter was maybe the longest and biggest fight I had but I enjoyed it a lot. I always turn the music off now though - I just can’t STAND that combat drum-metal stuff looping over and over! Argh!


Good place for splash damage achievement there.