Let players create a safe house location


Let us please have the ability to create our own safe house locations. Obviously, to avoid having to create our own structures etc, and to keep it simple, these would need to be locations that already have an interior structure, such as a house, barn, etc. It could require a certain skill, maybe. And definitely certain supplies/circumstances would be needed to create a safe house.

For instance, for an existing house or barn, If you can collect items like, metal sheets, health packs, planks, boards, nails, hammer, sand, bags, etc. You can make an existing location ‘safehouses’ to fast travel to any time.

One might also be able to place tents acquired through exploration, at appropriate locations to create a safehouse along with the required supplies/fortifications such as barricades found in Alpine Unrest.

Please like or reply if you like the idea.


I’ll reply because I disagree. :wink:
I think we already have more than enough safehouses as it is. I don’t think any point on the map is more than a 10 min run from the closest safehouse.
Another point is that part of the excitement of exploring the map for the first time, is searching for new safehouses. If you need a FT point while exploring, radios serve that purpose.
When you’re done with missions and all that, and you just roam around the map, it’s easy to fall into a routine of just fast travelling between enemy hotspots all the time. I at least, have discovered, or re-discovered if you will, that keeping the use of FT at a minimum can be very rewarding. By using your feet to get around the map, you will find all sorts of things and locations that you missed the first time you passed through an area. You will also encounter a lot of photo ops, if you’re into that. :slight_smile:

We could also talk about what the devs should prioritize, because I think it’s safe to say they got their hands full. :wink:
If I had a say in it, I’d say these were GZ’s top priorities as of now:

  1. Make sure the game works properly on both consoles. (Even though I’m on PC.)
  2. Fine tune enemy AI.
  3. New content and story, preferably open up a new island. Also finish revamp to the last 3 regions.
  4. Create new enemies and weapons, new crafting recipes and vanity items.
  5. Brand new gameplay features and mechanics get the lowest priority.

I never wanted base building, vehicles, survival elements, and stuff like that.
Feel free to disagree. :slight_smile:


That I see is at the moment the most important thing to satisfy the Console player (Eventhough I’m on PC too).
That brings more calm to the developer team when they have thorougly cleaned out the issues what the console have.

I think we could wait for new content.

It would be nice when console and PC players could play together. But i see that would be impossible due to the different Operating systems.

I see there is no need for more safehouses because roaming around the map is the essence of the game.

BTW NJR87 i wish you a good Hunt. Waidmannsheil so we say in Germany :smiley:


I agree. It’s most important to get the current version working.
Don’t make new content if it brings new problems. :slight_smile:

Waidmannsdank, @helldiver :grin:


Besides what is said above about developer priorities regarding GZ, and to which i agree, the idea itself (safehouse building) is interesting.

I do like the idea that you can put down safehouse where-ever you like. But to balance it, there must be limitations in the game.

Currently, there are 101 safehouses across the entire Östertön and Himfjäll combined. To balance it, all current safehouses should be removed (except starting one) and i think that in total, you are able to erect only 40 safehouses: 5 per region, and with minimum distance of 500m of each other.
While you’ll loose the short distance between current safehouses, you’ll gain the convenience of putting the safehouse where you want it to be.

However, the current proposed implementation makes it overly difficult for new players.

Having to collect resources alone is difficult for any new player since there isn’t much of a resource looting spots past the starting (Yttervik) safehouse. Nor is there enough machines from which to collect the resources either.
And if a skill is also needed for that, it further stops the advancement of new players since new players then need to gain enough XP to unlock that skill as well.

This idea, in it’s current form, is good for mid- to late-game players, who are supplied well enough for doing resource collecting runs and who also know the best tactical places where to put the safehouses. But it’s overwhelming for new players. Especially since GZ isn’t known for holding your hand all through the way of the game. Instead, players need to figure things out by themselves (for the most part).


Thanks for the inputs, I agree with a lot of what has been said, especially the priorities bit. I in no way intended to imply that this should be a priority over anything else, especially console updates. I’m PS4 myself. Just wanted to introduce a new concept to the game for the future.

In defense, a player is not forced to take advantage of the feature. Also, There are many areas I have found where safe houses are VERY far apart while some are VERY close together. There are areas where, while they may only be 10 minutes apart, that’s 10 minutes of running through nothing but forest and hills with no enemies or looting, props, etc. For mid to late-game players, this gets very old in spite of the beautiful world.

Finally, most if not all of the assets are already in place, remember the barricades in the Alpine DLC?

Good points everyone! Thanks.


Thanks Aesyle,

It’s just an idea to springboard off of. Only because there are a few spots, maybe 8-10, where you just have to run through what seems like nothingness to get to the next safehouse. That makes it boring for experienced players who already ‘know’ there is nothing there to see. Perhaps they are wrong, i don’t know. Maybe there something hidden there to find. I see this aimed at late game players mostly.

But, wow! A total of only 40 safehouses? That would be brutal!

Thanks again.


Cost of convenience is high. Has always been. :wink:

Also, by 40 i don’t mean that, e.g you build 4 in one region, to build 6 in another one. No. 5 per region and that is it. With 8 regions currently in game, total would be 40.


I sort of agree. Just adding the ability to build safe houses on top of the current game wouldn’t work.
But I personally do have an issue with there being so many safe houses all over the map, and that every single one, including a single sleeping bag in the woods, having a small factory built around it.

I’d personally like a system where you should be able to make any building of your choice a safe house if you have the appropriate item. And then you should have to unlock functions like fast-travel, storage etc.

That’s one of the things I’m missing from this game: good rewards.


What I would love to see: a drone truck, following you around as mobile base.
Or it “hides”, until you point it to X, where it rolls off to, and deploys…
It can be destroyed.
If destroyed you need to find a new truck, and you need to do your magic to make it autonomous, make a new set of work benches, …
Could come with a new skill tree…?