Let’s Play and Chill: Generation Zero - Swedish Robots in the 80s! (Episode 1)


I’m doing a let’s play and chill, this is my first play through and I’m really loving the game! I wish I had started the series before I played a couple of hours in but that’s ok. I hope you like it :slight_smile: also that this is ok to post here as my first post

Kitty Bazooka Goes Prone! - Generation Zero #2

Nice to see more content creators of Generation Zero. :slightly_smiling_face: Keep up the good work. :+1:

Oh, small note about different characters and why you couldn’t start new game when creating a new character.
The idea is, that you can create different characters and give them different skills for different builds since there is level cap in the game (31). And when you want to play with different skill build, you can easily switch between characters, without resetting your current progression.


Thanks, I will! I have more videos planned, I’ll post them when I upload them :slight_smile:

Also, ok yeah that makes sense! I still wish there was an option to start from the beginning, just for the stories sake. Maybe one day they’ll add the option and we can have both!


Kitty Bazooka Goes Prone! - Generation Zero #2

New video featuring a bazooka!


Hi Kitty :wink:
It so great to see you like the bazooka. I like it too, but most players find it not doing enough damage later on in the game. :laughing:


Honestly I can see that being a problem lol


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at the moment we can delete our saves manually, it is a bit of a complicated argument ,(pls see forums) as saves are supposed to go across characters. game really is designed in a specific co-op way . have a look too in the way the world moves , the trees , the water , the apex engine . if you play more you will see night and snow , thunderstorms and all.


Next episode is up! In this one I use a magic 8 ball to make life or death decisions (like, twice lol)


Hmm…The automatic embedding isn’t working on your post… or did you make it a link?


It wasn’t working since the link was on the same line as the rest of the text. For embedding to work, it has to be on a new, separate line.

I’ve fixed it now.



Thank you, second time you’ve helped with my dumbness! I appreciate you :slight_smile:


New video! I forgot to post it here lol be on the lookout on my channel, I recorded enough videos for a week so a lot of content is coming :slight_smile:


The start of my week long videos started just now because I set the schedule to “pm” instead of “am” lol


New video featuring new weapons!




Moving gun while scoped aiming is sluggish in this game, but I have a gaming mouse that has a button to quick change the dpi of the mouse, that makes it a lot better. But I also learned not to look for targets while scoped. I alternate spotting and aiming.


I’m playing on pc so I don’t have that option sadly lol but yeah I’ve been trying to do that instead, not trying to find targets while aiming


Kinda clickbaity but it’s all I could think of for a whole episode inside a vault


You mean play on Pc and not have a game-mouse?