Let us ride the bicycles that are everywhere!


There are bikes everywhere. Let us ride them. Maybe add bike tricks similar to the dance options. Add some ramps on the map for fun. Get off bike easily with a quick button push. If you encounter enemy you can push aim button to get right off the bike. You would go into aim mode normally and it would just put you on your feet so your immediately ready for combat. Maybe allow use of the one handed weapons while riding. How about 2 seater or 4 seater bikes. Wheel pegs for a friend to stand on the back wheels and shoot or just ride. Oh what about having your own custom bike that you can modify / upgrade with more speed, wheel pegs, colors, add seats for friends, etc. You repair it if needed or rebuild if destroyed. I took this idea further then I thought I would, but at the very least let us ride the bikes please! Thank you for listening to my suggestion.


Yes! I would even prefer having to ride bikes over being able to fast travel. Teleportation is only needed when your friends are on the other side of the map.


pretty sure having someone standing on pegs or sitting on the handlebars would cause the bike to tip over or something when firing rockets at enemies. but it would still be fun. they could add a new skill tree for riding bikes to help reduce things like that.


Actually, you’d probably be fine. Unlike conventional ammunition, rockets are recoilless. :slight_smile:


I’d MUCH rather have vehicles than fast travel.
But no, please don’t ruin the immersive and stunning environments with stupid ramps everywhere.


I was just thinking this. But I’d like it in combination with fast travel and as long as there’s some penalty for cycling, like drawing more attention and going really slow on hilly terrain.