Lets Build A Defence Barrier or Fort or Something

Is it only me that thinks this update is nothing like it was hyped up to be? I mean build a wooden barrier, yeh thats going to work isnt it! In all honesty it has to be the most badly thought out update to date, you can play it over and over - why would we want to?
Are the devs running out of ideas I wonder…

I can’t say much about it. Haven’t really gotten into it. Played the game everyday. The day this update came out I played for an hour, trying to figure out how to start it. By the time I found the mission, I was already bored. Haven’t played since then.

I did see a video or 2. To me it looks like the building from fallout 4. Very lame. I’m sure the resources are hard to find as well.

Like you said. Building with wood is useless. One shot from a tank or harvester would destroy it. Also in my opinion, placing pre-made items is not building. Having one place that you can’t even pick , is not building. Again 100% looks like fallout 4 building. Where you had to do the dogmeat glitch, otherwise you would never have enough resources to build.

I would of rather them spent the time for a paid dlc that gave real content to the game. A few more experimental weapons to chase after. New missions and new land opened up.

I’m not impressed at all with this update. Just have to wait for the next update to see if it will be worth playing the game anymore

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The idea of base buildings has been requested since as long as I have been in this community. The players wanted it, the devs are not just ham fisting it in because they ran out of ideas.

This is false. The main resource (wood), is quite easily farmable if you know the places.

While yes, wood would realistically make a poor defense, this is a game. If everything was realistic, we would have made a good 40 meters out of the starting area before a combat machine shot is in our head. The defenses in-ga,e are quite balanced and easy to repair.