Lets keep the US and soviets out of östertörn!

They have no reason to (that many wants) invade a swedish island and they woulnt try to save survivors they whould just steal technology like experimental weapons and machines. And sweden can on their own take back östertörn, we dont need help from the US or the Soviets/Russians

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While this has been discussed and debated before, I agree. Both politically and geographically the US doesn’t have much of a reason to get involved. As they are plenty of NATO countries that could have sent weapons. Besides the US is so heavily represented in games anyway, when “US is good guy savior” it just gets boring fast.

The US aren’t in Östertörn, so they’ve not trespassed yet.

The soviets have. They have by every definition invaded Sweden, which would most likely be catastrophic in the world scenario of 1989… Why go through all the effort of ending the cold war and seeking unity with the west, only to make a sloppy attempt at covertly invading a western country? The soviet presence is by far the greatest plothole in GZ so far. I hope they eventually give us a good, properly thought through reason why the soviets have made this reckless descision.

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Sweden could take care of a small invasion och robots them self. The armed forces of 1989 could. Armed forces of today would need help.

In the late 50s early 60s the swedish air force was the 4th largest in the world. US, USSR and UK was bigger. Early 60s China took place four. In The 80s it was still a respectable air force. The planes we find crashed is just a fraction of the available ones.

The army of 89 could easily taken care of an invasion as small as it look like in the game. But we don’t know for sure it’s localised.

In the 60s early 70s sweden was the most militarised country in the world (per capita). In 89 there had been a lot of cut backs in funding. But we would still not need any help for a small infestation of robots.

So in my opinion the US and USSR troops on swedish soil is nothing but an invasion. Not a help effort. So any NPC of their nationality should be considered an enemy force that should be faced with armed resistance.


we are building up our army today with many new regiments, just wanted to say

and yeah i am too tired of the us always coming to the rescue to help, we can do this ourselfs we dont need the us

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And i think that the survivors whould have clearence to fire at US soldiers if they land to stop them from taking our technology and stoping them from abusing the power

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I think this is the diverging timeline where we can’t take our own history anymore for comparison. Realistically there were spies within Swedish ranks to give away information, but SU allied with NATO… And that also is represented in the game. What feels like an invasion to us locally, from outside is probably an alliance deal. SU has kept a double-face for a lot of things. The hinted anthrax incident is one big pointer towards that.

We know what’s going on with SU, not likely everyone else. The big plothole COULD (not suggesting it is) be explained if the story exposes the understanding of each side. Sweden’s been low on communication, Fredrik Holberg knows of some operations, of deployment on ‘Swedish’ soil (implying non-swedish forces are green-lit to enter Swedish soil). My memory might serve me wrong here though, but it did seem Sweden had an operation planned and it involved help that goes all the way back to the first main mission of planting the device. Some SU ship operating outside of the Swedish border to offer assistance. The game keeps implying they’re here to assist, but the history and deeper lore keeps implying spies, deception etc.

So… double-faced truth likely.

This is an odd one to ask ourselves, since there were some shipments suggested to be out on Swedish mainland and one other island. Still unknown whether those ships with machine containers were successfully eliminated. I have no idea how much of that has been answered so far, since I’ve not played the game, but the old lore… The old game is still fresh in my memory :smiley:

ON-Topic: Yes, I agree. (Couldn’t help, but join in a good convo)

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but the us is far away, if not sweden then it whould be more likley for the soviets or germany or finland to help than the us. Why whould the us go all the way to europe just to “help” us? it is more that germany whould help us and one thing, if sweden and then most of the nordic has been under uccopation then whould the us and nato try to help them instead of östertörn? i understand that they maybe wants to know the source but no then it whould more be the soviets, or the swedes if we are still alive

All the U.S have done so far is to paradrop supplies for Sweden to help combatting the Machines.
Russia on the other hand have already landed, and are setting up shop. But they’ve underestimated the Machines’ combat abilities, and find themselves allying with the Resistance.

It’s likely many countries are curious about the ongoings in Sweden, and want to get involved, both to see how big the threat is, and to understand it better.

Since this is an alternate history version of the world, we don’t know how these foreign powers will act on the Machine threat, just yet. So I wouldn’t be so quick to assume that the U.S forces want to invade.

At the same time we don’t know the scope of the threat, how far the Machines’ influence has spread. All we see is the happenings on Östertörn, so we’re left to guess how the rest of the country has fared since the cataclysm began.

I almost get the feeling that people think the Östertörn world is a reality. But it’s a fantasy, a story! It almost seems that games studios aren’t allowed to set the story they envision and make the decisions how it evolves themselves. Nitpicking every detail, in order to fault the game. Is this the new trend, nitpicking the story and ridiculing the work of others?


Or perhaps the whole setting with Østertørn, the machines, the abandoned villages and this Scandinavian country is so inspiring and intriguing, that we players can’t help getting passionate about it. Personally I decided to buy the game after reading the first few lines of the synopsis.

And since the story unfolds much slower that if it was published as a book, you have plenty of time to extrapolate the plot and form your own expectations.

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Well yeah, maybe I was still in a sad mood, about how people seems so negative these days. Everything the devs do will get beaten down, and it must be hard for them to read that. Anyway there food on the table here.

I totally get your point and I certainly hope that the Devs understand that in a passionate debate we usually forget to sugarcoat our opinions. Luckily if we get too harsh or out of line our lovely mods put things back in order. But I think that a direct and candid exchange of opinions are valuable for whoever from the team that follow what is cooking in here.

The best way to avoid criticism is to do nothing. That we are passionately playing their game should be the best cadeau they can get from us players. And remember that everyone is a critic :wink:

I hear you. :coffee:

Btw. I had a great run today, and got the 5* N60 US gun. I wasn’t even looking for that. I always find it, when I find it (Winnie the Poohism).

but i just say that the us dosnt always needs to get into other countries problems, sometimes we can do it ourselfs

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We also have to remember, the U.S is not the only one to give supplies to the resistance.


One of the final missions the Soviets actually give a 5* AI-76. One may argue that that is only 1 gun compared to the possibly hundreds the U.S dropped in. And also, it is mentioned that both NATO and USSR want to help. So the drop may have been a effort of both powers(in that case, I would assume the U.S would have also sent weapons). But we are never once contacted by NATO during this. So for all we know it was the Soviets who had the plan to “EMP” FNIX. It could have been a ploy to get us to trust them more. Though since I was not in Sweden during the late 80’s, I cannot attest on who a Swede teen would trust more.

It is possible the U.S sent weapons in to gain the trust of the resistance. Hoping to be able to land without incident later. But as Xezr said, the US has only dropped weapons in to aid the resistance so far.

Where did the “Crater + EMP FNIX” lore came from? Is this official lore? I never seen any lore saying that. What did I miss?


Sorry. When I say “EMP”, I mean the device we were given for the final mission in the game. Where we take the device given to us by the Soviets, and it turns out to be a trap. We were never meant to actually get out. They only wanted FNIX gone.

O, The device in FOA 53. Ok.
I thought you meant the explosion that created the crater.