Letter from the Development Team - April 5th


It’s been a week since our last “big” information update (we won’t count all of the hundreds of messages our community team sends out every day) so we felt now would be a great time to check-in, remind you all what we are up to, and give some updates on how we’ve progressed since our last “Letter from the Development Team”.

As many of you know during the past week our attention has been laser-focused on gathering feedback/bug reports from you, our players. Based on that feedback we’ve been either directly working on said reports, or implementing them into plans for future updates. The team has made some excellent headway in fixing a whole host of issues on our internal build. Once we are confident the fixes are solid, we’ll be pushing them to you in an update coming before the end of this month. Here’s a sneak peek at a random selection of bugs we’ve already managed to fix on our internal build:

  • Strength in Numbers mission blocked due to enemies not spawning
  • Xbox and PS4 players blocked by invisible wall at the bridge to Salthamn after streaming install has finished
  • PC players experiencing 100% CPU usage
  • Bed asset with huge collision box around it, preventing players from looting containers underneath it
  • Crash occurs when a weapon gets removed from the weapon slot

Again, these are NOT live yet, but should be landing in a patch that’s coming soon. We should also remind you that this isn’t the full list of changes, there are lots of additional bug fixes and improvements coming that are not mentioned above - ex. many more crash fixes. We’d love to give you a harder release date for this patch than “this month” but things can - and do - happen in game development that sometimes cause dates to shift. As such, we’d rather you be pleasantly surprised than disappointed by a missed date. Of course, once we get into our proper release cycle (more news on that in the future), we’ll firm up more in how we communicate what comes when.

If you haven’t already, please check out the replay of this week’s Stream from Wednesday. Our special guest was Paul, Product Owner (a.k.a “the one leading the dev team”) for Generation Zero, and we had a full hour of Q&A with the chat covering a lot of topics on what we are doing to improve Generation Zero in the short term. Be sure to drop a “follow” for future streams and keep an eye open for general communications after our first big bug-fixing patch; we’ll start to elaborate on our medium/long term plans, including our thoughts for future content updates.

Watch the stream replay here: https://youtu.be/c0-xUkXNM6I?t=293


I love the game, amazing graphics and the fundamentals of the game itself are just amazing. But I can’t cross the salthamn bridge and it’s pissing me off. Please fix this

Add Minken Bunker warboard mission to the list of broken missions please.

Me and my friend are having problems trying to join co-op sessions. It just loads but it never joins. We hope you guys fix that in the next update because we really want to play with eachother👍 Still great game unless my ammo keeps disappering when i join my world again and i don’t know if that’s supposed to happen

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First of all I’m not impressed by these changes that you are going to implement into this game we need the glitches fixed all of them not just some of them.

Good point but if it takes 2 weeks to sort out a few fixes, you’ll have to wait 6 months for a playable game. The Devs won’t even inform us why it was released in this state. I picked up outward which was made by 10 people and it’s loads better than this. Then again, it is a live service game so I should have expected a broken game on release. Should have been called Generation Anthem.

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Hello Simon23,
You seem to not have read the post properly. Let me quote an important part: “Here’s a sneak peek at a random selection of bugs we’ve already managed to fix on our internal build”

As the post also states, over 200 things are being fixed at the moment. If that’s “only some” to you, then I can’t help you.



New game (going to be unexpected things)
Online (again, unexpected things)
Small team (can only work so fast)
Half the price of most games anymore (amazing!)
They seem to be working on fixing the problems and taking feedback seriously (Bethesda can’t even do that, more modding fixes than anything)

Point is, yes there is problems with the game and bugs are the largest issue in my opinion, that’s hardly a reason to give up on the game before patches have even really came out yet. GIVE THEM TIME!!


This is a Fun game and does have some issues it is not that bad… Give them a chance to get a Update together and see what happens…

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For £30, it’s great, s**t I spend more than that going out to the pub for a few hours, and I’ve played this with my mates for about 12 hrs now, and we are all enjoying it. Yes it needs bug fixes and more content, but for what is basically an indie game made by 20 odd people, I’m happy to just wait for patches to roll out.


Yes, I am not angry that the game is broken. I am anxious and annoyed and want it to be fixed so I can play it again. Its all I can think about, and waiting on the mission fixes are killing me. I am trying to play the Hunter Call of the wild to fill my huge avalanche created worlds need. However that game isnt in the 80s nor are their mechs. Must fix soonish please. :):grinning: