Letter from the Development Team - January 10th

Hey everyone - we’re back! And welcome to our first check-in for 2020!

After the break the team is now in the office, rested, full of holiday food, and already hard at work on the coming improvements and additions to Generation Zero.

Now of course the holidays didn’t mean that we disappeared entirely! We’ve had our eyes open over the past weeks, noting down feedback and information from our veteran players, as well as eagerly seeing what GZ new-comers have to say about the game. We’ll take that feedback and start to incorporate it into our future updates - but before we get to that we’ve already planned something for this month.

So what can you expect in the January Update? Primarily bug-fixing, and a little extra surprise we’ll cover nearer the time. Now please do note that this update is going to be a little smaller than what we’ve done in prior months - due to the holiday period. With the way development works, when we release something, you generally receive the product of the prior month or so’s work. As a result, holiday time-off tends to affect the following month’s release more than the month the holidays take place in. But that said, every day we pick up more steam towards all of the rest of the awesome updates you can expect this year!

Keep your eyes peeled for the normal patch notes, and some extra information about the surprise a little later in the month. Until then, hope to catch you all in next week’s stream!

//The Generation Zero Team


Hope you had a good holiday @Avalanche_Graham and all others in the dev team. I am looking forward to the year to come for this amazing game


"Little extra surprise " I’m intrigued

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Mbe crafting bench with blueprints :smirk:

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Bug fixes I like. Just hoping it is not crafting or base building…lol.

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So stoked for this, hope you all had a happy holidays! Man you have me thinking about what that surprise could Be! Lol

I’ve literally just been grinding towards the platinum trophy on PS4, and playing other games. Hope all of you had a great break tho!

Welcome back :slight_smile:)
Please watch Abort the ps4 Crash problem. The Game crashed ever 10-20 min. So its complete unplayable. I thing its a problem with the rivals. The are all gone and no one appear.
So please fix this. I sadly cant play the game for a Month.


Welcome back !

And I really, really hope you’ll get the Rival related crashing issues sorted with the next update…

My game has turned into one that’s next to impossible to play now. There seems to be somewhere between 25% to 50% chance that it will NOT crash after killing an enemy. Just now i lost out on a KVM59 gold mag (the 250 slot one) after having killed a lvl 4 rival.

My ONLY options now if I want to play this game is either
a) roam around on my own save, not killing anything
b) join someone else in their game (I never crash when joining others)

Must have sent you hundreds of crash reports by now…

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I have the same crashing issues. I do believe the guys are doing their best to rectify them. We’ll just have to be patient, and see what comes with the January update. Figure they’ve got enough crash reports by now :wink:

I’ve taken a bit of a break from the game, hoping to return when the patch comes.

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A week left of January, and I’m waiting for good news, and the update itself. Guessing it will release some day next week? But it would be nice to see the update notes before the weekend. :wink:

I’m also on a break due to all the crashing, so I can’t wait to have it fixed. :crossed_fingers:
(Don’t worry Avalanche, I’m playing The Hunter: COTW :relaxed:)

any news on the date of the update ?


Good morning GZ community members,

On the day of release of the new update I am sure there will be an announcement, along with patch notes. This is the consistent way the Avalanche team has announced updates, so please look forward to the release day with us! Even if we don’t know when that will be, as we usually never get an exact release date :wink: