Letter from the Development Team - July 19th

Hi all!

We just pushed another “Letter from the Devs” live. Feel free to have a read here: https://generationzero.com/en/blog/news-from-the-team-july-19th



“Stash that question”
you can’t fool me. I know you mean we are getting mustaches soon


Aha yes a Box to put our mustache’s in for safe keeping , lol :rofl: , and have a well deserved holiday Dev team :+1:,


Of course he means mustasches, what else could they possibly be referring to? But, great news. Hope you guys over at Avalanche have a wonderful summer, even if it’s inside an office crunching bugs. :tropical_drink:

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I’ll be honest here, i’m disappointed by the lack of an update as i feel like something would have been better than nothing. Just my opinion of course, but i do hope the team will all have great holidays and get the rest you do deserve for the crazy hard work you’ve put into this game so far!

"Stash that away"
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I am too but I also remember when they released an update right before going on holiday and not enough people were around to deal with issues it created.


A stash would be nice, and I hope it’s only in the starting house and not to big, say the size of the fully unlocked inventory. At lest for now as we don’t know how far this game will expand in the future or will they just make new version as a lot of games go. My real concern is character separation, each character should have it’s own experience and not share map info etc… and I don’t want to risk a reset as I have a co-op game going on. great job tho so far and I hope the dev’s have a great summer holiday!

I was not expecting a july update. You deserve a vacation like everyone else.

I hope this really was a hint that we will have a «stash» in safehouses to store equipment. :blush: