Letter from the Development Team - July 5th

Hi all! We have another update from the team for your perusal. Read more here: https://generationzero.com/en/blog/news-from-the-team-july-5th


Nice! On that note, will there be a July update, or will the dev team spend some quality time in the sommarstuga over the summer?


“we’re also working on applying the same approach to the Side Missions. When that happens, all Missions will be a part of the new system and will work much more smoothly than before - meaning less problems for you all going forward!”

Will the new system give us the ability to restart hidden missions? I’m still trying to figure out if I should restart again and hope I dont lose my missions again or just keep going and hope an update comes out that let’s me do my missing missions.

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I have the same question as Kakarron.