Letter from the Development Team - May 17th

Hi all! It’s Friday, so of course time for another check-in from the team! Read on here: https://bit.ly/2WhtM8R


Thankyou for the constant stream’s and update’s :+1:

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Kinda disappointed there is no mentioning of “stability improvements”, which would address the CTD issue that I’ve been pestering about for some time now and which should be known at least since early April.
Similarly some console players are reporting performance or rare crash issues on the forums, which are also not addressed or recognized in “known issues” and which seem related to an issue with the engine itself (since The Hunter and Just Cause seem to have similar issues)

I’ve spent hours testing everything I could think of, dumped all information into one thread and all I got was “Thank you for the information, we’re looking into this! Apologies for the trouble.”
I appreciate this, but at the same time I can’t help the feeling that it’s not a high priority issue, given how many gameplay issues there are that are being addressed in these ‘newsletters’ and that I needed to be a B about it on stream just to get any response on the issue. Don’t get me wrong: some of these gameplay issues are just as critical for progression, but it doesn’t excuse not addressing the people who can barely enjoy the game at all after buying it (remember: this is not labeled as an Early Access or Beta release + I’m within minimum requirements)

I’d still like the game to succeed, otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it despite the “generally less favorable” reviews that are all over the internet. So, please, tell me what else can I do to make that happen?

I’m offering myself to do beta testing if that’s what you need, just don’t continue to ‘keep me hanging’ like this. Give me some command line parameters, a beta version or anything else to work with and I’ll give you all the information you need/want if you just ask for it (on top of sending every single crash report). I’m not sure how much more supportive a single person could get.

Best regards.


Hi everyone,

Just watched quiclky the update preview video. Obviously things are being made for new players and to improve first impressions. This is just a video game, there’s no real stake and people shouldn’t be hateful for the broken missions and all the ‘bad’ stuff about the game but broken missions and stuff not working should be a priority (for a thing, a game - entertainement which is not very important in our life). I enjoyed the game until I couldn’t advance any missions. Then I stoppped playing and started playing another game on april 26th (on PS4). I did play every now and then and enjoyed my time exploring and playing cat and mouse but, even if it is not the core of the game, I would like to get some ‘closure’ to the story.

As a conclusion I would like to say that such a game is sort of refreshing, even with its bugs.


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