Letter from the Development Team - May 24th


Hi all, and happy Friday! As is tradition now we have another “Letter from the Devs” for you to check-out: https://generationzero.com/en/blog/news-from-the-team-may-24th


Looking forward for the complete list of changes and to try them out =)


Storage space won’t be in this update? Oooff


I’m very cautiously optimistic about this update, but at the same time I’m keeping my expectations in check. And all the major game breaking bugs that were there since launch are still present right now after 2 months and a couple of patches. Hopefully this time there are substantial fixes to go along with the new fluff that’s being added.


I see a few problems with adding more things to the first island if things such as stability have not been improved that much. Areas such as the airfield causes the game to run at a single digit fps. Adding more enemies and locations to the first island could cause more frequent fps drops, crashes etc. I feel this would undermine the goal of allowing new players to experience a much more diverse world than before if things such as this become more frequent. Not saying this will happen but its just the possibility that is worrying. Also, as many players know, lots of props in the game haven’t been set properly and so float above the ground. I feel with adding more locations, the chances of seeing floating props will increase and thus, again, undermine the original goal which could cause new players to abandon the game/have a negative view on it

Sorry if I’m appearing to be a bit negative but this is a game that I want to really like but certain aspects of it are stopping me from really enjoying it properly.


I agree with you, @Skyrimz_UK. And I think it’s a genuine concern you have and not just being negative. The starter island (and the rest of the map) need more ‘stuff’. But given the current state of the game and the multitude of issues, as someone who’s already dropped my cash on the game, I’d rather see substantial updates that fix the game breaking mission bugs, performance issues since 1.03 (on all platforms, not just consoles as the devs seem to think) and wonky mechanics (like putting out the inventory management dumpster fire) than seeing the starter island get new furniture to impress new players.

On the other side of the coin, I also understand why they’re doing it. The majority of the starter island as it stands now doesn’t do the rest of the game justice. There are probably a ton of people who get the game on Steam, wander around a pretty, but barren world with almost nothing to do for an hour or so, and refund it and give it a negative review. I undersrand because the first impression I got from GZ wasn’t really that great. I was honestly quite hesitant to even get it at first, and had considered returning it after playing for about an hour as it was dull as can be. It’s basically down to money now. They need to sell the game and retain the customers in order to continue growing it.

We now play the waiting game and see. Like I said, I’m cautiously optimistic, but by the track record of the last patches, I’m not holding my breath.

And to be clear, I’ve got 150 hours in the game so far, so I genuinely like it despite it’s glaring flaws. I’ve learned to work around some of the major bugs and the crap inventory management enough that it’s not a huge pain. I may bitch about it, but that’s because I genuinely want the game to live up to its potential. I really do enjoy it. But I would really want to LOVE it. And it’s hard to in its current state.


FIX THE GAME BREAKING MISSION BUGS BEFORE ADDING NEW FEATURES! I am currently not playing at all because two major missions are stuck in an un-finishable state. No mention of bug fixes in the dev letter is very disappointing.


In my honest opinion, everything mentioned in the next update, I’ve either NEVER seen a complaint for, or have seen maybe a couple. Yet every single day people are posting the exact same bugs, over and over. I too really want(ed) to enjoy this game, but in all honesty they designed a whole map with the same 5 different house layouts, and a handful of different props and missions objective pickups/collectibles. For anything substantial to change they would have to re make and re design the entire game, which won’t happen. Also, just like mentioned above, adding more machines and chaos to the first island runs the possibility of significant frame drops which will turn new players off in a bad way. And then once they’ve finally found a 1-4x scope or the ACOG sight and think “oh sick, now I have a scope!” BOOM slap in the face, cause on console the ACOG sight move so horrendously slow that it is actually useless, as well as a scope on 1-3x zoom… but yea totally the camera and head bobbing option is top priority guys! Lol…


It’s less complaints and more as a lot of requests in the suggestions forum. Overall not bad ideas, but premature I think considering the bugs.

I like the new stuff they showed off on the live stream, and I’m looking forward to more content. But not at the expense of fixing things that are actually broken, even though I understand why they prioritized adding the new stuff.


I agree. If and when they do add more content, I don’t really see it being much in terms of map design differences or missions. There would need to be some drastic changes for the dlc’s or additional content to not feel as repetitive as the regular story. And I mean this type of stuff probably won’t be getting added for many more months. I don’t know, hopefully they can add some things that make the game refreshing at that point.

What did they show in the stream from the new update? I watched a tiny bit and all I saw that was new was fog, and more machines in the beginning area.


I have finished the game and almost every mission. I don’t think adding more storage to the game improves game play. You don’t need to hoard every weapon found, keep hundreds of rounds to each of them together with loads of other stuff.

The carry capacity is unrealistic already and sufficient to complete the game story. A bit of the imersion will go away if you can store infinite stuff .


You’re in an alternate 1980’s Sweden fighting an army of killer robots Red Dawn style, reality/realism already went out the window dude, so we might as well have the unrealistic storage to go with it, and considering from what I’ve seen more storage seems to be something greatly requested by the community.


I honestly mainly want the storage so I don’t have to spend so much time in my inventory compiling same ammo types that don’t automatically stack into my gun, then putting it back in my gun to clear the little inventory slots I have left.


The “Inventory Tetris” mini game we constantly play is frustrating to no end. I’m indifferent to extra storage. I just really want them to fix it so stuff stacks properly and that your whole inventory doesn’t get randomly shuffled if you happen to pick up a gun and don’t have the 2 contiguous spaces free to hold it.

The new locations, extra machines, and mentioned “other surprises” or something to that effect. The starter island was WAY too barren and needed more stuff to retain new players. They eventual plan is to do that to the rest of the world as well. For now it’ll have no impact on anyone other than when starting the game.


I have had “The hunter call of the wild” from the beginning. I first hand witnessed that game mold more and more as the months went on from big fixes to new free/paid content. I appreciate respect what they choose chose to make free or pay. Compared to other games it isn’t a cash grab with this developer, that’s if they do what The hunter cotw has been doing. As I read this title will be done by that same factor and seeing it slowly heading in that course I am very pleased with the devs. I purchased this $40 game in fully knowing the fact that this game will be (eventually)polished and continually supported.

So take your time devs on polishing our games and I can’t wait till you add excellent new features like exo suits. Maybe do it like “lost planet 2” did where you can take off weapons and have other players jump on to man some guns on em.


A quick and dirty fix for the inventory system would be to have extra red slots where you can put stuff while sorting but you can’t walk while stuff is in those slots. Like 4 or 5 red slots would do the trick. Not a great solution but it would be quick and easy I reckon.


i think it’s a great solution. give us a couple of hold slots to transfer things around without actually dropping them. when you exit the inventory menu anything left in those slots would be dropped in a bag.

also have it where when you loot a container, your inventory is also visible. you could easily move things between the container and your inventory, including the hold slots you mentioned. would be useful when you find a weapon outside of a container, show your inventory instead of just telling you it’s full so you can move things around and find out if it’s even worth picking up


Also remember that the development team have several different specializations.

I guess they have the following different people on the project:

  • Coders/programmers
  • Graphic artists (both 2D and 3D)
  • World designers
  • Story designers
  • Testers and QA

So adding stuff to the world doesn’t affect the coders much. The coders changes doesn’t really affect the graphic artists work and so on.

So they can both improve the game experience and shoot of ticks in the code


Hello, I have buy the game the first week of release, I have enjoy it during 2 weeks, but I don’t wanna play it, not because it is not good, but it is not finish,
For me the game is exactly what I was looking for, immersion, exploration and à lot of challenge…
But in this state it is not perfect, I don’t mean minor bugs, I don’t care of minor bugs but you have beginning to change the gameplay, adding storage, balance for the loot, craft…
All of those things are gonna be great, and I don’t want to play the game because I want those Feature in my game expérience, if I allready discover the story, visit the Map, my expérience will be broke !
So I just gonna wait the “final” game, because it is really awesome.
I don’t regret to have buy it at his release, I believe in you and the game…
Ps : Please add an option to switch off the ennemy présence indicator !