Letter from the Development Team - May 3rd

Yes, I started a new game and I did only the world mission, and I had no problem getting the trophies.
I am now waiting for the trophy of the clothes and my platinum, and goodby generation zero


I suppose I could just drop all my gold guns and use an account on seperate ps4 to pick them up and give them back once I’ve deleted and started fresh. I think that will ease some of the pain :joy:

Yes that’s what I did but it must be done in a session with a friend, you put your weapons you quits and you come back in the session of your friend to recover your bag


i would love to see vehicles in the game as i find traveling long distances can take to long and i can die on my way to places

I’m of 2 minds about vehicles in the game.

it would be fun to drive around our fictional Swedish landscape. It would save time getting to undiscovered locations, though with fast travel, it would be of no practical use for already explored areas.

Inversely, consider the lore of the game where the full might of the trained Swedish military with their armed tanks and jets got decimated by the machines in a couple of days. I question the reality of being able to buzz around the countryside in a Bjork without getting instantly blown up. If we could, this would be breaking the story immersion pretty hardcore.

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I have to agree with that, I don’t think it would be the same.

Also with fast travel between safe houses the only time I get really long walks are when I head off somewhere new (Though Total Defence was a damn long walk.)

Though I had too many walks to the radar site in the mountains, but the annoyance was because I had to pretend I was a mountain goat to avoid the Hunter patrols.

Maybe being to hack a Seeker and tide about on top of it like the Mekon (I’m a Dan Dare fan) would be fun though


Hack ticks, strap them to our feet, and use them as “walker skates”. lol


I agree completely.
Inventory management and easier access needs to become a higher priority. As you progress in the game it becomes an inventory management game instead.
Split stacks are needed.
Weapons wheel would be great, but fixing the bug for the weapon switch (y on xbox) not working would be awesome.


I’m honestly wishing/suggesting that they turn those bicycles you see laying around everywhere, into fully functioning bikes that you can hop on and ride. There would be no engine noise so it wouldn’t be giving you away like any vehicle with a motor in it.

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