Letter from the Development Team - November 8th


Published on 2019-11-08

Happy November everyone!

It’s been almost 2 weeks since we challenged you with Rivals, and you’ve given us a lot of feedback to go on!

Our intent with Rivals was to introduce a new challenge for you out in the world, and so far that seems to have been exactly how many of you see it - a challenge! We’ve heard that many of you appreciate what Rivals bring to the game, both in terms of new things to fight against but also for their chance to drop some pretty amazing new outfits and weapons. Personally we’re very happy that many of you are enjoying Rivals, but we know that there are things we can do to improve it even more.

What are some of these areas you ask? Well, as you can imagine, we are continuously looking at the different ways you are interacting with the Rivals and how they in turn interact with you. You’ve reported to us through our various channels that the experience could use some tweaking. That means we will be looking more into things like the health and damage of the Rivals, as well as the drop rate of the Experimental Weapons. Since we want to ensure that the payoff of engaging a Rival feels worth the effort, we will continue to fine-tune things over time based on your feedback.

As for what’s upcoming next… keep your eyes open!

//The Generation Zero Team


Hi @Avalanche_Graham, thanks for that. Mostly we want more story, I think. I accept that we are divided, between the Immersives and the Doom-mongers - the Immersives want involvement, the Doom-mongers want Bosses. Rivals is interesting and fun, and gives you something to do while we are waiting for… more story.

Don’t leave us behind, will you? I have a feeling that on the forum, the Immersives outnumber the Doom-mongers. The forum may not be representative of the whole customer base - I understand that, and without customers there’s no game, but we are strong contingent, and most of us would be perfectly happy to pay for the next chapter in missions and areas - we always did for “mission-disks” (going back a bit, I know!).

After 30 years in marketing (10 in consultancy) you may not know, but a customer who has bought from you before (and is happy) is up to ten times more likely to buy from you again than someone who has never bought from you. As an ongoing income-source, your existing customer base is far cheaper to attract than new people. I am reminded of a singer/songwriter who had a datebase relationship with less than 10,000 fans who made a perfectly good living from selling just to them! I can see the potential for GZ to be exactly the same, adding to the database as you go from referrals and reviews. The Doom-mongers will all move on when they get bored, which means that you have to continually recruit more - the Immersives are much more likely to stay long-term, and over the lifetime of the product will eventually be worth many times more.

It was Henry Ford who worked out the concept of lifetime customer value, and did very well. Do you happen to know why VW Golfs keep getting bigger? Because they are selling to the original customers, who were already sold on the product, but who now have wives and children. Seriously - I worked on the account. The Polo is now going the same way. Long-term customers are your life-blood.

So, Don’t leave us behind.




Thanks for taking in the feedback! :+1: :sunglasses:

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Of course Bootie! We understand we have a diverse group of tastes to cater for. We should have something that’ll pique your interest soon. :wink:


I’ve edited it - just - read the rest! It’s good stuff that I used to charge for!


Yes more story please. If you have the time please read my thread that ask questions story related that could be answered with much more story… I love the story thus far.
Thank You,

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Can you possibly introduce a side mission explaining the experimental weapons? It would make them more believable. Great game tho, definitely worth the purchase. Thanks! :slight_smile:


That is a great idea!!!

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Any chance of the slowdown and weapons not firing/ reloading/ switching being looked at while you tinker with the new toys?


Thanks for the update; however, do not forget the people who reported bugs (I for one with the bug in Empty Spaces!).

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I must say that I really like the look and feel of the experimental weapons. They feel not too overpowered and just add that little sci-fi element that feels totally 80s! The ominous thrumming synth sound on the PG90 or the discoloration running along the Klaucke. Not too fancy-shmancy but based on the older designs with some cool and individual tweaks and added bits that make them stand out. I love to shoot with them.
But I just wanted to second that idea of adding story missions as to their origins. :slight_smile:


Can’t wait to see what’s to come with this direction