This is the end Beautiful friend...Or is it?

The Doors in the song “The End” have a verse that goes something like this:
" It hurts to set you free
But you’ll never follow me
The end of laughter and soft lies
The end of nights we tried to die
This is the end"

This is strangely how I felt about doing the last of the main GZ missions. I put them off even going so far as to delete my character & start over to play the story again before the end. On Tuesday during my Mixer stream of the game I said frack-it I am going to get it done…

But when this came up:

I did not know if I should be sad that it was over or hopeful by the words…

Who was using me? What do they want? I will me & my friends stand up to this massive conspiracy?

What is next? I do not know. Am I excited about the prospects for the future of the game? You bet your backside I am!

Below is a YouTube video from my stream. I am not a great gamer nor am I hardcore like some of you. I am old & I am opinionated that is true but I am a passionate Xbox gamer who sometimes gets in trouble because of that passion & wearing my emotions on my sleeve. I hope you enjoy the raw video from my stream & I do so hope that those of you playing on Xbox do not give-up on this game or on this development team…

Thanks For Your Time,


When I finished the mission this text popped up, I probably took a much longer time looking at it than most players would. I assumed the sentence ‘The War has Just Begun’ referred to one of two things, or maybe even both. Firstly, the sentence probably means the war with the machines has just begun, hinting at more locations being introduced in the future.
The second option (which is my personal favourite), revolves around the Russians trying to take hold of Sweden and the machines, in order to potentially rebuild the Soviet Union. The Americans could step in for a while, as well as other countries, in order to stop the Russians and the machines from taking over the world.
I did consider that Von Ulmer was a Russian spy, because if he took control of the machines, wiped out the population, and then was destroyed by the Russian device, it would leave a perfect window for the Russians to just waltz in and take over the country.

I know that this could be a bit far-fetched but this is just what I think. :slight_smile:


Yea the Russian side of the story intrigued me as well. I am holding out great hope for this story to develop as they move forward.


I’m not sure he’s gone down! He reckoned he wouldn’t be destroyed by it, and that it was more likely we would be. I think he’s still out there and I’m pretty sure he kidnapped my girlfriend. Well, not my girlfriend exactly, but I really like her in school, and this sort of situation is exactly the one where I could really impress her by rescueing her from a machine or two. BTW, where are the schools? I haven’t seen one. Has anyone?

PS Graham says we’ve got a nice surprise on the way - have a look at the DEV letter…


It also could be an option to introduce the British and Canadians into the story instead or with the Americans. The Canadians could have some interesting chemistry with the Russians, as the Canadians back then were pretty smooth with negotiations, unlike what they are like now.

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I just had a horrible thought. If FNIX turns out to have spread past the mainframe in the FOA bunker, and the last we heard of the Russians that gave us the EMP was an empty boat and bloodstains… Do you guys think it’s possible FNIX took command of the submarine? A nuclear submarine? :radioactive:


That could be interesting. :slight_smile:

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Wow, I wonder if even the DEVs thought of that!

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