Letter from the Development Team - September 20th


It’s that time again, another update from the Dev Team! Read here: https://generationzero.com/en/blog/news-from-the-team-september-20th

Achievements ,missions, second character not working

Looks good. So will the challenges enable the option to repeat main and side missions? :+1:


No, they will not :no_mouth:


Thank you for adding replay ability


I’m not against content like this coming into the game, but I don’t see much replayability for the game IF the missions can’t be restarted/retroactive for players that already completed all of the mission. I’m in the same boat as everyone one else that wants Fashionista to unlock properly.


I’m going to assume main and side missions will have a restart feature. Or doing the challenge Truth would be a wasted mode on players like I that have completed the game 99% game/trophy. Bringing me back with resistance is a replay able situation. I’m also going to mention a great number including myself have asked for a mission reset capable. So I’m assuming and not trying to make an a$$ of me or anyone but I got the impression with out it being said it’ll be possible. Only makes sense since the games been out for time enough for most to accomplish nearly half or more.


Maybe it’s not included right now, but I’m pretty sure mission/map restart will be added at some point - it’s a pretty obvious feature to be added.


For everyone wondering the challenges related to story stuff will be rewarded retroactively. So if you have completed the mission requirements for “truth” challenges before this update it should unlock right away.


@tene Where is this information? I know the fashionista will be retro in. Was this on the Twitch stream? I hope not cause I don’t want to inherit things as soon after I boot from the update. I’d rather replay the missions and side missions for these new items.


From the stream, it sounded to me like story/mission related challenges will be retroactive but the challenges that can be completed without a restart will not.


Yep it was in the stream @WarpigX9, i second that but i feel like the whole repeatable missions might be more difficult to pull off than expected sadly… It’s hard to tell if thats due to it being technically difficult or if the dev team just has other intentions for how missions will exist in gz.


I hope that challenges arn’t the only thing happening with next weeks update.


There’ll be bug fixes too (which most of us would prefer at the moment, so playability becomes better). It seems to be what they were mainly concentrating on, other than this new challenge mode.

If there’s nothing in this update for you, come back in a month or three and see how the game is going then. Just don’t expect miracles out of a small team working on a big (ish) game. Good things take time!


I agree. I am more interested in being able to complete the game than dealing with challenges.


Yes it’s a small team but the game has been out for almost six months and still cannot be completed by some people due to certain bugs.
not everyone is being held back by them and the dev team have done a great job fixing things since release so I think adding new content like this while still working on the ongoing issues make makes sense.
I will probably be forced to completely give up though if after completing a bunch of these challenges I lose all my missions again and have to start over from scratch for the sixth time.


I’m just curious - how will multiplayer kills count into challenges?


Well guys the only feature announced in the last two streams I’m really happy about is the change of the .50 cal. The rest , hm I dont really care about. I’m a player how absolutly dont care about cosmetics and the look of my character. So the trophies for compleating the challenges are probably pointless for me. The challanges itself, hm are nice to have but not much more.
The prestige points and the names you can earn, to be honest, I also don’t care about.
So if I would develop the game I personally would haven’t spent time in those features.
But it filles the gap for the really good updates :wink: