Letter from the Team - April 30th

Hello Everyone!

As we move closer to our Resistance Update and the Soviet Weapons Pack release, we’ve got some mixed news for you today.

Now, if you tuned in to the GZ stream last week, you might have heard the news already, but if not, we are sad to share with you that the Xbox delay of the Resistance Update will be somewhat prolonged. In our last Letter from the Team, we mentioned this delay and were hoping for our certification issues to be solved, but there are no definite dates of when we might see this update going live, but we are aiming at the end of May. Rest assured that we as a team are doing everything we can to get this update to you as soon as possible! Keep an eye out on our Social Media channels where we will keep you informed of our progress.

Viewers of the Stream also got the chance to see a demo of our new Base Building feature, and as questions about the related Challenge Tree started to pop up, we thought we’d give you a little preview of it here in the letter.

This is what our Game Designer, Dr. Patrick, had to say about his creation. “Since we had planned for a bunch of various activities the player could engage in with this patch, I thought it would be the best approach to make each challenge focus on those activities, so the player would feel a bit more rewarded for trying them all out rather than only focusing on, for example, the base building aspect. I know a lot of work and thought had been made by our designers Amanda and Laura to bring the “messages in a bottle” to their full potential with some interesting bits of resistance lore. So I essentially thought we could help push the player into finding all of them if they knew there was an extra reward to be acquired on top”.

Do you think you’ll be able to clear them all and claim the grand prize?

Until next time, stay out of trouble.

-The Generation Zero team


That’s gonna put the Prestige Point count to 300


How can we stay out of trouble when we are constantly getting attacked by huge machines?


Distraction, always have a distraction…

Welcome to the forum.


:sunglasses: Hehe… I’ll sure give it a good try. Very nice btw, to get a new Challenge Tree.
It’s gonna be great… :coffee:


Oh im sure you will! Hopefully you’ll share something nice of it here on the forum!

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Of course, I wouldn’t post anything else. I love the game. :coffee:

Not long to wait now on PS, hoping Xbox players also get there chance soon, I will give these a dam good go ! Happy hunting all!!!:v:

I just purchased weapons pack, I can’t find them are they only available after update as early I guess ?

Downloading now am too early lol :crazy_face: enjoy all :v::v:

No sign of the Soviet Weapons pack on Xbox, so I guess we have to wait for the update before that drops.

Oh well.

/heads back to Second Extinction


Second Extinction is fun too. :wink:

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Update arrived but are the Patch Notes available already?

Not yet :slight_smile: Guess we have to wait just a little for those

Hopefully not too long for Xbox :+1:

xbox isnt updating till later this month my dude

I figured might be bit longer, I am on PS5 but we’re all playing same game so it be nice :+1:

Indeed. They announced that the update had been pushed back later in the month but had never said one way or the other if the delay also affected the release date for the Soviet Weapons pack.

I figured it would be the same time as the update, but I still held out a little hope for some new toys to play with. :wink:

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Well, I really enjoyed the many little parkour-like and hidden spots, something I hoped would be added more, and they did. I’m fairly confident I found every new location and had a lot of fun finding the weapons for the 100% location completion. I found the last weapon, which was hidden very well in Gamla Stan, which was really playing a good game of hide. :crazy_face:

Still need the get a number of experimental schematics, but I’m close. I had no problems with the game, it felt even more stable then before. Well done guys. :clap:

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