Letter from the Team - April 9th

Happy Friday, everyone - April is here, and so is spring (at least here in Stockholm)! As we’ve wrapped up our celebrations and look towards the next update and the next year of Generation Zero, we want to take one last chance to thank you all for a fantastic year!

Next update? Yes! We are closing up towards the release of the Resistance Update, which will introduce the Base Building and other new features into the game.

Our Beta-testers have had the chance to try this new update out, and the feedback that we’ve been getting has been great! Now there have been a couple of questions from some of you players, asking how this will work. To ensure that you all get a good understanding of the new mode, we will give you a nice peek at the Generation Zero stream when we are getting closer to release. Until then, here’s a little preview of the building mode.

What item are we trying to place? Can you tell? We can’t wait to hear what you think about it, so feel free to share all your feedback in the comments below or on our Social Media pages!

Until next time

-The Generation Zero Team


Looking good! That’s a Plundra you’re trying to build. :wink:

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Nice sneak-peak. :slight_smile:

It’s Plundra.

It is indeed :+1:

Gen Zero has kept me mostly sane during lockdown, here’s to another good year :+1::+1:

Can you build a base anywhere or are there designated areas

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These base building features look fantastic.

Looks like a Plundra box. But pherhaps it could be also a little safehouse. Ok,ok, the point that a safehouse is a safehouse is that it has a plundra box inside. We will see.

Based on what we saw in the trailer, i’d say we get 3-5 predefined areas per region, where to build the base. Since it needs to be open enough space for machines, including tanks, to spawn in, when they are attacking your base.

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I don’t know how solid it is but i have heard that for now we’ll only have one (fixed) base, but maybe in the future there will be more (fixed), just from what i heard though.

It could be, where you first make your base at one spot. If you don’t like it, pack up your shop and move to another spot.

It’s confirmed that there will be exactly one area on the map where you can build your base:)

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From what I see it looks promising. But I wonder if some mechanics will be added, like sitting on a chair, or something like that.
Edit: And something else; if a friend of mine builds a base in my game, will the base remain for him or will it be accessible only in my game?

Since MP is host based, my guess, only host can build it. Or the very least, once built, the base remains in host player’s game.

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Wow, yeah you all spotted that prettu easy :smiley:


That’s very obviously the double chest from Minecraft, Zoomers am I right?:roll_eyes:


I can’t wait to see it all in the next update.
However I really hope to be able to store more resources or improve the storage bench to increase capacity.

Really ? So I don’t have a real choice where to build my base ? And if I don’t like that place and would never have chosen it by myself, I’m screwed ? :thinking:

Hmm… I guess I’m kind of glad that I’m not soo much into base building in GZ then…

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