Letter from the Team - August 26th

With the Recon Update, we were very excited to deliver new updated features and missions in Generation Zero to you, such as crafting rebalancing, additional control points to the South coast region, and a host of bug fixes listed here.

Unfortunately, the update hasn’t met some of your expectations, and there are bugs from the list that are still occurring. In addition, it seems the update may have introduced a few new bugs for some players, causing game crashes or issues when loading.

We want you to know that we are aware of all reported issues. We are consistently monitoring your feedback on Discord, Steam, and other social media platforms (yes, content creators, we are watching your videos too!). We can’t express how sorry we are for delivering an update that doesn’t live up to our (or your) expectations.

We are investigating the possibility of a hotfix and we will keep you posted regarding progress on this matter. We will make it available as soon as possible, but please bear in mind that we are a small team and this process takes time. We promise to keep you informed via our social channels as soon as we have more information and a solid date for the hotfix to share.

As always we are very grateful for the community reports flagging this, and the patience you’ve all shown during this period.

- The Generation Zero Team


Please just don’t forget the base: this forum.
Social media isn’t always the best.
I know, you, Pontus, are often here and respond from time to time. But in some matters it feels that our complaints/reports about issues are not taken serious.

(at this point I want to remember of the issue where all safehouses get lost every day or week)

Thx for the letter and good luck on killing the bugs.


If I spot something that many voice their concerns about that I feel the devs should know, I tend to poke them myself. I’m happy whenever I see @Avalanche_Pontus taking a more active role on the forums, they are after all the heart of this community.


Since your such a small team, then please start taking your time with updates.
This update only made existing problems worse, and completely ignored issues that have been reported repeatedly since last year or later.

You have the opportunity to put this train back on the rails, to regain the trust of the whole of the community. You just need to take your time, and put clear priorities and tasks for the Dev team.
The “Fix it never” approach isn’t working anymore.


This forum IS a social media.
Also, the forums are not even the base.

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Well, maybe, but not in my definition.
For me, social media is twitter, facebook, instagram and all of this modern stuff I never used.

And in my definition an official forum is the 1st place to go to, therefore the base. The other stuff is just too fast and too volatile. Well, in my opinion or maybe imagination.


Agreed. I think it’s become the norm to use media outside of the corporate forum (see the same thing with Bethesda and others). It doesn’t really make sense for the forums owned by the developer to be the second or third tier when it comes to information, but such is the pull of mainstream social media. On Discord, this forum is referred to first among all of the sources for info and is called the “Official Forum.” However, in reality, it’s not first and not even treated like it’s official, either.


My personal wish for next Letter from the Team would be: We looked over our existing QA process and took actions to improve/re-implement it.

No offense guys, I/we love this game and all the stuff you are creating, but your QA process sucks. I simply can’t get how it is even possible to do a release with so many serious bugs… Simply can’t. Through my 20+ years IT career, I saw lot of :poop:, but at least the QA stopped the worst of it. Always.

You CAN better. I believe you CAN.

Thank you :pray: :sweden:


:+1: thank you, i think so too

Before this bigg update my game dident crasched that often but now it happens more often and even If I play alone i never hade this problem If I played Alone i hope there whill be a fix soon i have reinstal the game and so but noting works fore a longer time its just a temp fix

The game is still crashing 4-6 times within 2 hours till I give up and call it a day but now my side missions are missing in my log, there be 1 mission top of the log screen then 4 spaces below it til I get to the ones that are completed, it’s all blank, I counted the slots and it seem 4 side missions are not showing what they are and to do and where to go and this is also makes the game not fun, please fix soon.

I play on Xbox Series X

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Let’s be honest; the game went from overly buggy before the update to extremely buggy and crash happy after. With all due respect, as i do understand the small dev team conundrum, your words seem disingenuous as soon as you mention a single hotfix. This game is so broken that even the people who come out in your defense whenever someone says something negative, even when factual, arent defending this. I rarely post due to this so its somewhat amazing to see. Some of these bugs were WORSENED by the update but not CREATED by it.

A single hotfix cannot solve this. This game NEEDS, more than anything, for you to put new content on hold and instead focus on a series of updates that fix problems and maybe some tweaking, like you started with crafting. What good is new content if it isnt usable? There are bugs and issues from launch that still exist. The infinite tick crash started close to two years ago I think? The new content is making the game worse, and I believe the vast majority of players would prefer regular bug fixing updates to new content right now.

I love the feel of this game when traveling the northern farmlands. Until i find a door that shuts the wrong way, unlootable crates, etc. These could be fixed and the players would love it! We would even help! Make a thread asking us to report things that need fixed and we would be happy to assist. PLEASE just think on this.


This “series of bug fixing patches” has been requested so many times at this point. I doubt it will ever happen.

Every time they seem to get rid of last update’s major bugs, they introduce new “content” that just breaks it even more.

If there is some sort of difference between the people who bug fix and they people who create new content, they really need to speak more or something. Whatever is being done now is so clearly not working that anybody could see it.

I am extremely curious about what the issue even is. We are told all the time that the dev team works extremely hard, I have talked to one or two and they seem perfectly capable. However, something clearly is not working. One expects the game to evovle, if slowly, not take half a step forward, 2 steps backwards, and then sometimes trip.


Game is working fine for me, 1 crash in 15hr approximate playtime on Win10. Thanks, Devs, for all your hard work!


There already are some big threads for reporting issues in the world. If you find some, add them there.
For anything else it’s up to us to report them.

Many of the issues already are reported multiple times and the mods try to communicate them towards the team, if they are serious. We just have to give all information regarding the issues to help them. Just complaining about random crashes doesn’t help.

Although I agree with you (bugs first, then content) I don’t know if we or the devs have influence on the teams tasks.
As far as I know there are members that are responsible for bugfixing, and some are responsible for creating new content.

I don’t know how the communication works, but often it seems that these teams don’t talk to each other like

Team A: We create new control points!
Team B: Oh, wait, there are serious bugs on them we are working at. Let us fix them first.
Team A: Ok, we’ll move the releasedate, tell us if you’re finished. We’ll work on new vehicles/weapons/locations in the meantime.

At some point there just has to be a descition to move personal from one team to another to fasten the processes.


I’m playing on series X solo , I’ve not had any crashes yet, all I notice is a complete mess of collectibles and XP being given in areas I’ve visited an age ago, this is pretty frustrating as you collect the same collectible that is already in your log, and gain no new XP, anyhow am hoping these and other issues are fixed, it kinda ruins the emersion I love !

I’m playing on xbox single player. massive crashes still make game unplayable. Why? This condition has been amplified since the last update.

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I wish they fix this game, I no longer can stay in the game long enough to play without crashing 4-5 times an hour. I love this game a lot but saddens me very much I can’t play the game.


I get it…
I havent even updated the game, not worth it, it could even damage my console having so many crashes one after another.
Maybe in a few months its better, who knows? :neutral_face:


I have a Xbox one and rarely crash. When I start to see graphics/frame rate decrease I goto a safe house and save then restart console. Also I have the game running on an external 1TB fast SSD drive.
This works well for me. The game is very amazing despite a few quarks here and there.

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