Letter from the Team - February 12th


Hello there! I hope you’re ready for a game update because today we have one.

The update is coming your way next week, and will contain some general improvements and QoL fixes coming off our December update. Not everything we’ve seen or heard about since December has been addressed, but in our upcoming Known Issues list, you can see what we’re aware of and looking into.

That said, we do have a big new introduction to the game that we want to provide clarity around when this update goes live - our new account system: Avalanche Apex Connect

As you may have seen in our other Systemic Reaction game, Second Extinction, we have a player account system that we’re rolling out. It’s completely optional to your experience but does grant you access to some benefits if you do decide to participate. Specifically, we have 3 different ways in which you can interact with this system:

  • Opting Out - Having an Avalanche Apex Connect account is not required to play Generation Zero, but you won’t be able to utilize Assignments.
  • Limited Account - With a Limited Account, you’ll be able to access our new Assignments system and are not required to provide an email address. Engaging with the Assignments system requires you to be online.
  • Full Account - A Full Account grants you access to the Assignments system and gives you our new Cyberpunk outfit. You will need to be logged in / online to keep access to both of these. With this account, we ask for your email address, so we can verify you as a player and contact you later with game news and other potential benefits down the road.

So what are these Assignments, you ask? Well, they’re repeatable missions that refresh periodically so you can earn rewards - like ammo, crafting materials, etc. We wanted to introduce another method for you to get resources while you play the game as usual. Basically, you’ll get more just for doing your normal day-to-day routine! Again, this does require you to be online, however, as our backend services drive this system.

This is the first step for us in keeping the game fresh and an element we want to expand on in the future. As you can imagine, your feedback will help direct us in how we continue to flesh this out over time. This is just the start of new and exciting things!

Last thing before we leave it for this week is that we will have a new Product Owner joining the team - Zach! You’ll start to see/hear more from him starting next week as he grabs the helm for Generation Zero’s future.

See you all next week for the update, and here’s looking forward to your feedback!

The Generation Zero team


I look forward to the update, glad to see the games still moving forward :grin::ok_hand:


Is there a reason why an account is required for this?


Haven’t really played in months even if I pop in-game for a minute or two so I think that this is a miss opportunity from my pov.

I don’t see much in creating a account in which doesn’t show the game IF the user is on consoles.

The rewards probably won’t be much good anyways since most players will have enough ammo/crafting materials anyways, unless it’s something unique to take down the Reaper.


Hey, a short feedback for the next streams.
I my opinion the streams are much better if Pontus has somebody with him while streaming. This way one person can play and entertain us and the other person can read questions in chat and have a discussion. Like in the last stream where, I think it was Lucid, asked many very interessting questions.

I’m also interessted in repeatable quests. Maybe they make me start the game more often.


Well, I’ll give it a go. Start with a Limited Account and go from there - I don’t much care about outfits. I do want missions, and they’ll be more fun now I’ve renounced Fast Travel.


Do I have to pay for an account?


No. Don’t think so. It’s paid for by data capture and sales of future games…


does this mean that we need ps plus/xbox live to get the rewords?


I´m also more interested in repeatable quests, if the assignments are as stupid as " destroy an hunter from 300 meter away" then it´s kinda pointless.
Let´s also hope that this account “mechanic” will not interfere with the game, bringing new bugs after each update is a GZ tradition by now…
Let´s hope and see what the damage report is by next week.


No, but you should get PS plus, you´ve been missing great games from the past months.
2020 and the latest months have been the best year/s I can recall for PS plus members.


If on Xbox do you just connect using your Xbox account or do you need to create an account elsewhere and link it? If so what’s the URL?


This sounds quite fun, gives me more objectives to complete on my streams :grin::grin::grin:


How do we opt in exactly?


Hopefully the new update is not “tweaked” down for those who do not provide an email for Apex. Another method of advertising it seems. Be positive I guess?


As with any and all new services requiring a login that collects personal data (such as email etc), make sure you read and understand the EULA.