Letter from the Team - February 8th


We’re back, and we’re excited to kick off a new year for Generation Zero!

At the tail end of last year and the early weeks of this year, we’ve been working on some new stuff that we’ll soon be rolling out to everyone. We’ll give a more exact date once we’ve gone through the Certification process - although we do want to share some of it with you now!

A continuing trend that you’ve likely noticed is that we keep updating the game world to feel more lived-in, interesting, and compelling to explore. In our next update we’ve kept up the pace with those improvements and you’ll see our handiwork in the Eastern part of the Farmlands region.

Aside from giving areas a general facelift or improving safehouses in the area, you’ll also start seeing some other new elements that were definitely not there before. This includes some rarely seen things that may hint at other happenings in the world of Östertörn…

Anyway - we’ll speak more in depth on what else is in store soon. And with that said, here’s to the start of a great year!

The Generation Zero team


I’m dying to know what the screenshot was. :slight_smile:


Is it hembränningsapparater hidden inside barns and outhouses? :grimacing:


lol its fixed now :slight_smile:


I was expecting the rest of Farmlands AND the Mountains Regions to be revamped…but i guess it´s better than nothing.

Don´t forget that some towns and locations at the South Coast region have not been updated yet.


Its a bigger area and just the gif :slight_smile:


Great news! Can’t wait to see what’s cooking in the Farmlands. Still want my Dammsugare though :blush:


So, humans are finally building some proper fortifications. Nooooice!


hunter in background of the revamped side and i have a theory of that the reaper hunter is in bunker 666

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Hm where is Mat? Pontus is there a chance he will visit you on a stream?


While Mat did appear in the earlier dev streams, he isn’t associated with the GZ. Instead, he was Community Manager for theHunter. Also, Mat is no longer with Avalanche Studios Group.


Looking forward to it :+1::+1::grin:


Am hoping running wild bug is fixed :v:


I just hope the crashes at the center of Himfjall island created with the latest update that some users have will be fixed with the upcoming update.


Sounds awesome, looks like I will be spending some more time in the farmlands soon!


If we’re lucky it might happen when we’re back working at the office!


Running Wild should be fixed!


What is hembranningsapparater?


Homedistillery :wink::clinking_glasses: Spirits are hard and expensive to come by in Sweden (unlike Denmark, so we get a lot of visits from our lovely neighbors)