Letter from the Team - Holidays Edition

Happy Holidays everyone!

It’s been quite the journey from when we started back in March with the launch of Generation Zero. Since then, we’ve done a lot with the game - from bug fixes, to new features, to an expansion - all to create a great experience that we all can enjoy.

Admittedly we started off a bit rocky at launch, but due in large part to your feedback we continually made efforts to mend those errors. We’ve taken a steady, methodical approach with our updates, as we wanted to make sure we got things right first time, rather than rush out rough solutions. This has been our continued approach to challenges, and something we will keep aiming for with every release. That said, we aren’t perfect, but we’re not taking unnecessary risks either when it comes to fixing annoying bugs. And based on the feedback that has been coming in of late, we are pleased to see that our efforts have been paying off - specifically in the example of the main mission blockers we had early on.

When it comes to the new things we’ve added, we’ve tried to strike a balance between what you’re looking for and what we think the game needs in order to succeed. Ideally we find areas where those two things overlap so that the game can really shine! One example of that was the Rival system. You were looking for more things to do and more interesting rewards, whereas we wanted a system we could build on that would engage you in new and interesting ways.

With Alpine Unrest, we started to push more into areas where these things overlap. Based on feedback from a variety of places (forums, reviews, surveys, etc.) we were able to look closely at what was working and what wasn’t. Many of the ways in which we tried things in the expansion were directly called out as potential areas of improvement previously. Things like NPCs, Mission variety, and the fullness of the world, were all things we tackled in order to provide a better experience. All of these aspects we will evaluate and learn from so that we can continue to improve the game across the board.

We hope you’ve enjoyed all the updates we’ve made to Generation Zero so far - and you can expect more from us in the coming year! Nothing to share just yet, but we have plenty of ideas for things we want to put in the game in 2020 and onwards.

Lastly, as we head into the holiday period, the team will start rolling out of the office soon which means no more updates from us before the end of the year. However - please enjoy our Holiday Celebration Event that starts today!

If you want your friends to join and provide backup, now’s also a perfect opportunity as we have sales running on all platforms.

Thank you all so much for joining us in the world of Östertörn, enjoy the holidays, and we’ll see you in 2020!


Happy holidays! :santa:


Thank you Xezr, and likewise! Thank you for being an absolutle trooper with all your mod efforts here this past year!


Happy holidays. :smiley:

And then: What is the Holiday Event exactly? (apart from a surprise…) :thinking:

It means the robots will bring you gifts and not bullets :bomb:


Gift-wrapped cluster grenades? :thinking:

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ground-to-ground missiles with Santa’s hat :santa:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Have a nice time! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!

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It’s a rambo farm for cosmetics. Killing rivals.

Edit: Here’s a peek!



@Avalanche_Graham I just want to start by saying thank you so much for all you have done, the members on the dev team, the art team, the community managers, and the product managers. Over the span of this year we’ve seen the game grow in ways we’ve requested and in ways we never expected, and it truly has been a wild ride at least for me personally.
Your patience with the community during hard times, and the acceptance of feature requests and feedback (no matter how repetitive) is truly a blessing in the video game world, and one i hold very dearly.
The combination of rivals into alpine unrest have been some of the best times I’ve ever had playing video games, and as a content creator have given me an endless supply of things to talk about and do with my small chunk of the community, it’s almost too much to keep track of sometimes.
When looking back on the early days of March’s launch and into April, sure it was rough, but i knew this wasn’t the game to give up on, and a big part of why i felt like that was from how you guys approached this, with open minds and open lines of communication that is rare in this industry.
That was the “big potential” I’ve always spoken about with this game, and seeing that potential met with Alpine unrest specifically, is one of the most rewarding things I’ve witnessed this year.
Many blessings and wishes of merry times over the holidays to everyone on the team, you pontus Paul, Emil, Greg, knivspark and kimchii and everyone on the team have a fantastic Christmas break! And i can’t wait to catch up with you all in the new year!


Thank you Xezr for being the goto guy and detention giver :rofl: merry Christmas Mr. And thankyou team for a game that lets me science the sandbox , cheers and merry Christmas Developers :+1::smiley:

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But how can I play this long awaited event when my ps4 continues to crash? I don’t want to miss out on this but it crashes before I can get in combat. I’ve been waiting for that glorious winter gear <3 and have been hyped.

Will be any way for the people that will lose the event to acquire this vanicity items ?


Happy holidays staff & players. Please have fun & stay safe.

Silly question but there no information about the Holiday Event! xD What is it made out of? Is there special stuff going on in game, what is it made out of etc.

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Hello can sombody tell me what i need to do to have only 1 weapon to finde on saltholmen naval bunker not 2… i delete 3 time my progres end stil is 2 weapon to finde please reply

Ah, not merely stylish, but practical for fighting machines in deep forests! Um…

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So basically the recent frequent crashes are seemingly tied to not letting rivals spawn (at least for me). Can I ask, how are we supposed to do this event? Can the apparel spawn on regular enemies instead?

They only drop from rivals

All the cluster grenades fired at me recently have a merry little christmas light on them - it’s red and it blinks in a cheery fashion. Make me feel all warm…

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