Letter from the Team - July 17th


Hello again everybody! Time for another update and we’ll be talking about our progress with FNIX Rising on consoles.

Since we last spoke we’ve made a lot of progress - specifically, we are down to a handful of issues that are continuing to prove difficult. And by difficult, I mean that we think we addressed the issues, then we test them more, and it turns out that they still aren’t 100% sorted. Working-from-home has made the testing slower than we’d like, but it’s an important step to get right so we will keep going back and forth until it clicks into place.

That said, while we’re still fighting those last few issues, we can safely say that we have confirmed fixes for the other bunch of issues that we were facing when we originally announced the delay. Progress has been slow, but it’s still progress! With us getting closer, we’re narrowing down the window for the update little by little, and currently we see no risk of further slippage - and can instead feel confident that August will stick.

Again we appreciate your patience and understanding during this period. Remember that you can check our channels to find out more if something major pops up before our next letter. Thank you!

The Generation Zero Team


If the issues are only effecting the multi player why not release the single player and update it later?


Awesome GZ team! :+1: really excited to finally play this


I think that would be the wrong choice, releasing something thats NOT working in MP.
SinglePlayer i important too, but non-working mp is a non-working game, at least in my opinion…
The latest MP-bug on windows (unknown error when joining invites) has been irritating to say the least, but its bearable with the quick-alt/tab routine, something you simply can not do on a console…

Keep up the good work GZ team, we’re with you! :slight_smile:


Good news for the console players. Keep up the good work.


If it takes the full 9 weeks behind PC release, it will be April Update all over again.

And no vanity clothing packs will heal that wound.


How about addressing why you can’t patch the aggressive robots and then work out whatever the problem is with the DLC? How about a rollback? How about something?


Out of pure curiosity, what exactly are those issues?


During the aprril update, machines got harder, but bugs made it insane. We havent had an update since and FNIX rising fixes these issues. Most people have adapted to it on console but it is a pain respawning like 5 times in a fight


In a nutshell: Trying to get 2019 game working on a 2013 hardware and at reasonable FPS as well.


So what you are saying is, that installed base (and earning base I might add) came as a surprise to development? Small team, Covid-19,
insufficient funding, key developers leaving, organizational changes, and now console hardware … well, so many excuses to chose from :sweat_smile: In my world these challenges are just modus operandi.

Is it just me, or is GZ product management turning into a farce?

Consoles DLC: Please read

Just you buddy. All of these thing will be ironed out once they can return to their work space. And maybe get some new devs.


Sorry buddy, I forgot that one (along with summer vacation and parental leave :wink:). The thing that confused me is, that I’m from Denmark and we returned to our “work space” 10 weeks ago :sweat_smile: (and I don’t consider working from home part of our work space).

Anyway, it seems like the development team is particularly hard hit by many things and they have my sympathies, honestly. I’m sure they are really good guys working their butts off to make this happen. But that doesn’t change reality now, and given the situation, perhaps console players that consider purchasing the game should be advised to hold back until the “ironing” has successfully been completed? Personally I am looking forward to that so I can update my Xbox review … one beautiful day in the future …


that is great that you got back! But as far as I now the devs are still working from home.

Edit: I also recommend that people hold off unless there is a sale. Even then.


when planned the next letter? :slight_smile:


today. New one already came out


oh, did’t see that. Thanks :slight_smile:

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I think it’s time for next letter from the team :slight_smile:
// my ps4 is asking for update, not me :smile: so reading the letters aloud helps for a short time :smile:


Auch die Xbox wartet auf den heiß ersehnten Brief