Letter from the Team - June 11th

Hello Everyone! Unfortunately, the string of bad news continues for Xbox players, so let’s get right into it. The main points being that we did not pass the most recent certification round for the Resistance Update, and this will cause a further delay on Xbox.

This is an unfortunate situation to be in, not only for everyone that has patiently waited so far to get their hands on the new features (and we are ever grateful for that) but also for the team. Everyone is eager to get this update out into the wild and see what creative ways you all will find for fighting back the hordes of enemy robots from your new home.

The team has been working diligently on resolving the issues and continues to do so. Still, some of these can be difficult to reproduce, which can heavily affect the cycle times for testing potential fixes for each one. We are closely in touch with Microsoft as we navigate through these issues together.

All that being said, it begs the question: what does this mean for the release on Xbox? We are currently looking at the next release window toward the end of July. That is, unfortunately, a bit over a month from now. We are doing our best to address these certification issues as soon as we possibly can, while we also keep in mind contingency plans if any solution does not make it through the process once more.

We will continue to communicate as things progress with this update. As always, we appreciate the love that you’ve shown for Generation Zero, as well as the patience you’ve had for the development process and the team. We wouldn’t be able to continue to grow the world of Östertörn without your support, and we aim to keep going regardless of the technical hurdles we face together.

Until next time everyone!

-The Generation Zero Team


I’m intrigued by the line regarding “contingency plans” tbh. That immediately jumped out at me.

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I had so hoped that there would be some good news for the Xbox players. I’m sure they can survive another setback, but we all know that waiting for something can be frustrating when they really want to be on the barricades together fighting for a free Östertörn. :bow_and_arrow:


PlayStation players had to go through this also ! I am sure in the end it will work out :crossed_fingers:

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We did, but it was from April to November :sweat_smile:
I´m sure it won´t be as long as it was.
And there is something else, the devs have been delivering news about this almost every week, which is much better than being 1 time per month :wink: .

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Actually it was June 23rd - November 5 (135 days). Currently we’re approaching 40 days, call it 70 by late July so we’ll be over half way there.

If they hold out until 20th September we could beat the record! (But let’s hope not!) :wink:

The April update broke the game completely unless you were a hard-core pro gamer with a beefy pc ((which most of the community wasn’t))
And instead of releasing the fixes first, they insisted upon releasing them with paid DLC, of which it was delayed constantly for all consoles except PC, who got it first and foremost.
I really hoped they learned from their mistakes :confused:

I actually liked the infamous April update. It was broken, but for those with the stats / gear it was fun & I don’t remember too many performance issues on my XB1X but could totally see how it needed re-balancing.

I know people who just stopped playing at that time because even the then newly created ‘adventure’ skill level was hard with the deadly accurate and aggressive enemy AI.

The March '20 update was probably the most stable state the game has ever been for me. Tbh. If I could roll back to having the game in the state it was in March / April '20 I’d be pretty happy — there were a tonne of robots throughout the map, it was stable, and the enemies felt dangerous.


I was talking as a PS4 player, we only got Fnix rising on November…
“we did”= we as PS4 players not Xbox.

Oh no, machines have turned into robots!! :crazy_face:


I guess time will time if its just rumoured to be avalanche studios or the whole group.