Letter from the Team - May 7th

Hello everyone and welcome to today’s special Letter from the Team where we are taking a closer look at our Accessibility options that were introduced with the Resistance Update.

Some of you might already have seen this new exciting tab in the Generation Zero main menu, but for you who didn’t we want to highlight these new improvements that we’ve made to the game to make it enjoyable for everyone. All these settings and more can be found in the Settings Menu under Accessibility!

Crosshair Recolouring

The crosshair in the hud can now be colored to whatever color you wish. Generation Zero also comes with a number of options that can be changed at any point during gameplay.

On the subject of Crosshairs, the new update also allows the player to choose between the current Dynamic crosshair or a static crosshair. This will allow you to set whether the crosshair adjusts its size when you are venturing across the world or if you prefer a more stationary appearance.

Text Size Adjustment

With this setting, you are able to change the size of the text used for the in-game text chat or the game’s subtitles.




Subtitle & Crosshair shadow

This option allows you to adjust the shadow you see on the crosshair when a weapon is drawn and when subtitles are displayed.

If there are other ways that you think we can improve the accessibility for Generation Zero, we are more than happy to know about it and would love your comments here!

-The Generation Zero team


Excellent improvements! Especially the crosshair color option.

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Accessibility options can only be a good thing! Bravo.

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These kinds of improvements are always welcome.

Hi, nice additions.
The first thing that comes to my mind in regard of features that would be a help for players is the mouse sens issue in scopes.
I hope my description helps you.

The second thing is the bug that the game ignores input commands from the players.
I tried to illustrate it here:

Cross hairs ! Really good one that my friends been wanting it for ages, hoping storage gets some order, as attachments for guns a bit of a nightmare :slight_smile: !!


Those are looking really nice. I like that we can sort of contrast the colors.

This is more of a question, than a suggestion, but if it turns out to be a bug I suggest fixing it.

So, with any gun (at least, that I have in the game, which is quite a few) that is level 5 or higher, all have what appears to be fiber optic iron sights. Yeah, so where’s the bug you might ask. Well, recently I got a level 5 N-9, and no fiber optics were glowing on it. So, my question is, was this changed in the update intentionally, or was this some kind of unintended glitch that has accured?

Great changes, I appreciate that very much. Especially the subtitles - it’s an addition I miss in most games, and it’s a welcome surprise to see it in Generation Zero, especially because big titles regularly fail hard in these details.

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