Letter from the Team - November 27th


It’s creeping closer to the end of the year and we hope everyone is doing well!

Since the update we’ve been getting some new bug reports in, and we’re already tackling as many as we can before the next update - including a pesky one that we’ve fixed around problems gaining access to the lighthouse in the "A Light in the Dark" side mission. That one was annoying a lot of players, but a fix is on the way!

On the feedback side of things, there has been lots of activity lately - both in our social channels and in-game, which feels great! We’re able to see and hear a lot of feedback that can only help us down the road.

On that topic, we’re conducting a player survey that we’d love for you to take, as it helps provide some feedback for us in specific areas! Now is the time to let us know what you think and feel about the game so that we know where you stand on certain topics. It’s an amazing learning experience for us so that we know what you like, don’t like, or are looking forward to!

We’re always excited for what you have to say so that we can keep trying to make Generation Zero the best it can be!

Enjoy your weekend and we’ll see you in December!

The Generation Zero team


Survey done P. Appreciate the update as always.

P.s - does the Tank t shirt for the competition glow in the dark?



Thanks, buddy!

Hmm… i don not think so… Ill try to find out next week!


Awesome as always keep up the good work team the Reaper was a big and very welcome surprise!


The reaper kicks azz, but please reconsider HOW it spawns!
Other than that, thanks for the survey (now I just hope everyone votes like me!), and keep up the good work.

Oh, one more thing, try your best to bring mystery back to the game, to get that initial feeling you got when you took your first, careful steps in this wonderful world of yours.


Took the survey, glad to see more activity around here as of late. If you doun’t mind me asking - any news on the ‘screen flickering/light’ bug I reported a while ago? (this one: Major rendering problem)


Yes! Another survey! Some of the things mentioned make me really wonder about what’s coming to GZ in the future :smile:


Hey Pontus, I’ve done the survey, but there was nowhere to put my biggest two inputs. So I’ll tell you.

Half the things we carry, we are unable to use, because the changing of items in slots is so long and time-consuming that in action you have to stay with whatever you’ve loaded. That means that we cannot get the benefit from what we carry. If the “N” button could be extended, then we could. So, there are three types of flares. Press the “N” button and you change which flare on the fly. This is reasonable, since you’d have them in different pockets, and pick out the one you wanted. Medkits: you have a million medkits, but run out of the one you’ve loaded. You die of gradual damage with 100 medkits unavailable. On the other hand - you have been clipped by a Runner, press “N”, choose Simple, heal without wasting a Standard. You are facing an unexpected Tank, Press “N” and switch to Advanced.

You already have the programming for the Ammo, so it would be a simple addition, but would let us act tactically to a changing situation. Each item is in a category, so you pick the category, and then the item you want to use on the fly.

Okay, item 2. The 84mm is absurd. A real one would knock a tank flat on its back with one round. What we have is actually a terribly clumsy grenade launcher (the damage is about the same as a grenade). Why not either lose it entirely and make a grenade launcher an attachment for an assault rifle with the existing rockets, or make it really heavy, and the ammo really heavy as well, but beef up the explosive. The real one is a BEAST to carry and so is the ammunition. You could not carry more than two rounds and fight, and no one does. So you’d make it a one-hit kill on anything short of a FNIX Tank, but you can carry a maximum of two rounds, and it weighs twenty kilos. Then add a grenade attachment to the assault rifles to fire the existing rockets off the middle mouse or bindable keyboard button.

Um… Item three - I want a flip button for the grenade. This is often how you use grenades - you flip them through a broken window or over the edge of a balcony to hit an enemy you can’t see. So pick grenade, press left button to throw or right botton to push the grenade two metres in front. Flip it over a baclony onto the Hunters besieging you, flip it out of a barn door and run away, to hit the Dog trying to bust its way in. This is often how you use grenades and it would make them much more fun and usable. At the same time, you’d be able to fix the intermittant bug which makes them stick to your hand - win win! :))

Cheers, mate



Hell yes, like in Half-Life 2, or CS:GO.