Letter from the Team - October 2nd


Happy Friday everybody!

Mixed bag of news today, a little bit of everything. Let’s start off with some good news!

We’ve fixed, QA tested, and are partway through the Certification process for an Xbox Hotfix that we’re looking to have go live on Monday! This hotfix will alleviate the inability to progress past the Sign-In or Continue flow when first starting the game. It also fixes a few other crash bugs. More detail will come in our mini-patch notes.

Now on PS4, we’ve been making steady progress, as we’ve stated before, but lately, we’ve gotten some of the more annoying repeatable crash bugs to be far less reproducible than they were previously. When before we were looking at reproducible crashes at 90-100% of the time, we’re now seeing them under 10% of the time. Still, more work needed to try to eliminate them completely, but we’re in a much better position than last week, and the week before that!

While we’re still pushing hard on the PS4 fixes, it is worth mentioning that we’re still working on future things as we do plan to continue supporting the game. Since the PS4 fixes are worked on by specific people, team members from other disciplines (art, design, etc.) are free to continue working on other stuff we have coming up that will improve and expand the game for all players. We won’t be outlining anything yet as we want to make sure we nail down what matters most at the moment, but we will absolutely let you know once we’re over this hurdle.

We hope that provides a bit more insight into where we are today and that you understand how we’re proceeding. Please reach out to us in any of our channels if you have any feedback on this information.

Thank you and we’ll update you when the Xbox hotfix goes live!

-The Generation Zero team


Keep on it, we believe in you guys! :heart::metal:


I fully support the devs, i hope all goes smoothly and we see the fixes soon and ill wait patiently and greatly appreciate the communication.

I do however have a feeling that some of the more frustrated community members aren’t gonna like that bit about them working on new stuff while the PS4 isn’t patched or have the latest DLC yet.

I’m just gonna say i really hope that the consoles see equality before they release new content to one or two platforms while one or two are still broken and left behind. I’ve seen it before and it gets ugly.


Keep it up, we count on you :+1::metal:
Great work


You guys are brave ! Keep fighting. I’ve been there myself some years ago with production stop (very expensive) and top management visiting the office four times a day. Been on blood pressure medicine ever since, so remember to take care of yourselves. Eventually everything will work out. Infrequent errors are the worst, but it is so satisfying when you find and fix them!


Appreciate the update, communication, and y’alls hard work! You deserve pizza!


For devs: Keep up the good work!
For players: Patience is a virtue.


It’s great to see devs that care enuff that they are keeping us updated about there progress no matter how big or small. It’s a nice change of pace from other games so keep up the good work.


I hate how big game devs (Ubisoft, activison, EA, etc.) don’t care about there players and only about money. But a small team of awsome people actually care about their community instead of seeing them as walking wallets. Thank you, for being some of the BEST game developers on the market!!! Keep it up and looking forward to everything this game has to offer in the future!!!


PS4 users still waiting for update :slight_smile:


With the new patch on Oct 5 2020 there came new problems the game keep freezing up. It would let you play but when you get in a fight the game will freeze. I am playing on am Xbox 1 s. Are you going to fix it or not


It would be even better if the game they produced and I bought worked properly…


Let’s hope live stream tomorrow has an update when the next patch will be due.


Any news about the update for ps4?


Slowly/Surely was last update news on it but nothing definitive yet.


@Raco I watched the stream yesterday, but nope, no update news, neither for Xbox or PS4.
2 weeks ago I actually believed the PS4 update would be available now (middle of the month), I was a fool :sweat_smile: .


Thank you both.:heart:


A fix would be great, haven’t played in a while…itching to play.